Goosebumps is making it’s way to the big screen, with Jack Black playing the elusive horror writer. The film will loosely follow the television series, and is aimed as being a family friendly movie. Today, we get news that Dylan Minnette will join the cast. Minnette was last seen in the remake of Matt ReevesLet Me In.

Dylan Minnette

Here’s the synopsis below:


The story is loosely based on the series and follows Minnette’s character who moves from New York City to the small town of Greendale, Maryland, where his secretive new neighbor turns out to be veteran young adult horror author R.L. Stine (Black). When all the many demons of Stine’s mind are set free by Slappy, a demonic ventriloquist’s dummy, it’s up to Minnette’s character and Stine’s niece Hannah to put all the evil genies back in the bottle.


Goosebumps is due out sometime this year. The film will star: Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, and Odeya Rush; with direction from Rob Letterman.