It seems another character from Batman’s rouges gallery was has been cast for the Fox prequel, Gotham. Harvey Dent AKA Two-Face is going to be played by Nicholas D’Agosto (Masters of Sex), signed as a regular for the series with the option to become a reoccurring character.

Nicholas DAgosto Harvey Dent GothamThis is in addition to a huge list of villains teased so far in the show, everyone from The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Carmine Falcone, The Joker, Professor Pyg, and even Solomon Grundy (in one quick reference); and that’s just two episodes in!

Birth_of_Two-FaceWe will get to witness Harvey Dent as the bright, optimistic “White Knight” district attorney he was before the “accident” that turns him into the split personality wielding wrongdoer we all know and love, and seeing as David Zayas was recently cast as Sal Maroni, the mob boss who disfigures Dent, it is extremely likely that we will get, at the least, some foreshadowing of the Two-Face we know and love. But really it’s a coin toss. I’m sorry I had to do it.

Catch Gotham Monday nights at 8pm on Fox