This week Gordon fights for the integrity of the Gotham police department from the corrupt Police Commissioner and his blackmailing scheme to keep the police department under his control.  Gordon makes a deal with the devil in order to stop Commissioner Loeb.  Fish Mooney makes her move within the prison hospital’s management to ensure her seat at the table.  Bruce vows to find Payne and make him pay for what he did to Alfred and who hired him.

Gotham Everyone has a Cobblepot 01The Good

  • One thing I like about this episode is that you don’t need super villains to create trouble. You just need people who can manipulate others to do your dirty work and feel no remorse about it.  Police Commissioner Loeb is a perfect example.
  • Gordon makes a deal with Penguin to find the secret blackmail files that Loeb is using on the GCPD. Penguin tells Gordon that Falcone and Loeb are working together.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  • Fish makes a deal with Dr. Dulmacher for a place in his operation to ensure the people in the basement are cared for. She sacrifices a couple of them to seal the deal with Dulmacher.
  • Fish may regret her deal when she found out what happened to Dulmacher’s former Office Manager.
  • Selina visits Bruce in the hospital where Alfred is healing from the stabbing. He vows to find Payne and find out who paid him to spy on Bruce.  He suspects the Wayne Enterprises Board members.  Selina warns him that he is crazy.
  • Arnold Flass is released from jail by Commissioner Loeb and is exonerated for the murder of a witness and a small time drug dealer.
  • While trying to find Loeb’s secret blackmail files, he stumbles upon a dark secret kept by Loeb. Gordon turns the tables on him and uses this to blackmail him in turning over Bullock’s blackmail file and make Gordon President of the Police Union, which initially Loeb chose Flass for.
  • Bullock warns Gordon about Penguin and his deal with him. Penguin can’t be trusted.

Gotham Everyone has a Cobblepot 02The Bad

  • Is Fish really trying to help those people in the basement or is she looking out just for herself?
  • I was really hoping that Gordon could have used Loeb’s dark secret to his advantage more than just freeing Bullock from Loeb’s blackmail. The Commissioner needs to be brought down.
  • Bruce should have accepted Selina’s help in finding Payne.


I like this episode.  It had corruption in the highest level, making deals with the devil with Fish Mooney and Gordon, and uncovering the ugly truth behind our most trusted public figure, the Police Commissioner.  The title is fitting for reasons that secrets are never gone, just hidden where somebody can find them and use them against you.  It is the choices we make that determine who we are.


Gotham Recap S1E18 ‘Everyone has a CobblePot’ recap