This week the midseason premier opens up with an overview of Arkham Asylum where our hero, James Gordon, is working as a security guard trying to keep his respect and dignity where everyone is trying to destroy it. Power plays within the mafia families are underway to put Carmine Falcone in cement shoes and throw him in the river.  Selena Kyle and Ivy play house sitter in Gordon’s apartment while he is working at the nut house, and a birth of a villain is revealed.

Gotham Rogues Gallery 02 The Good

  • Gordon doesn’t break his detective habits while working as a security guard. He looks into a series of murders in Arkham with the warden breathing down his neck.
  • Morena Baccarin guest stars as eye candy as the beautiful Dr. Leslie Thompkins working in the women’s ward at Arkham. She maybe a possible love interest for Gordon, I hope so.
  • Penguin is making his moves behind Marooni’s back to secure his position of power, but his plans backfire.
  • Fish Mooney’s right hand man, Butch Gilzean, is put to the test of loyalty when one of his old friends who is now a mob boss offers him a very lucrative job and betray Fish. He answers by killing him.
  • Christopher Heyerdahl guest stars as Jack Gruber a.k.a The Electrocutioner who is a patient at Arkham.
  • Selena and Ivy take up residence at Gordon’s place. Ivy plays a dirty telephone prank on Barbara when she calls.
  • Bullock uses his semi detective skills to find out more Arkham’s employees and their warden.  It’s pretty funny watching him play detective.

Gotham Rogues Gallery 01The Bad

  • I hope Gordon doesn’t stay long at Arkham, the city needs him now that The Electrocutioner has escaped Arkham.
  • I’m not sure where Barbara fits in anymore. She seems unstable and I think her return might not be a good thing for Gordon.
  • I’m a little confused as to the actions of Butch. Is he still loyal to Fish or does he want to get out of Fish’s shadow?

Gotham Rogues Gallery 03The midseason opener sets up layers of sub stories that will be enjoyable to watch unfold during the course of the season.  The characters are slowly developing into more complex personas that give them depth and complexity that make great television heroes and villains.  We finally get to see the inner workings of Arkham, and it definitely lives up to its name.  Next Bat-Time: The Electrocutioner goes to town in Gotham.

Gotham Recap “Rogue’s Gallery”