Gordon and the GCPD are on the hunt for an escaped Arkham patient, Jack Gruber.  Gordon must use his expert detective skills to find clues about what Gruber intends to do.  Fish makes her power play move on Falcone and the Penguin tries to warn Falcone about Fish’s plan.

Gotham Little Bird 01The Good

  • Gruber retrieves his electric toys at a local electronics store.
  • Gordon gets reinstated but for only twenty four hours so that he can find Gruber. The police commissioner Loeb warns him that if he doesn’t produce Gruber in time, he is fired and Bullock also.
  • Leslie Thompkins and Gordon get very close. They even kiss.  Things are getting pretty sticky for Gordon in his personal life.
  • Penguin gets caught in a lie when he asks Maroni if he can visit his sick mother, but when Gruber attacks Maroni and Penguin gets injured he blurts out about him needing to meet Falcone.
  • Liza, Fish’s mole, gets kidnapped by Fish to force Falcone to surrender his control over the family business.
  • Penguin finally is able to meet with Falcone and reveal to him that Fish is playing him and that Liza is working for Fish.
  • Jack Gruber a.k.a. Jack Buchinsky storms in the GCPD, ready to wreak havoc on the police and Maroni who betrayed him years ago. His revenge is short lived when Gordon stopped him.
  • Falcone meets up with Fish and demands to see Liza. He asks Liza about her connection with Fish, she denies it.  But Falcone already knew his answer and kills her in front of Fish.  Falcone then takes Fish and Butch away to be dealt with at a later time.  Penguin now has his enemy out of the way.

Gotham Little Bird 02The Bad

  • The Electrocutioner (a.k.a Jack Buchinsky) defeat is flat and not enough   It is a little disappointing.
  • Barbara’s moment was very brief in this episode. We only know that she has patents with huge sticks up their butts.
  • The power play between Fish and Falcone is weak. Making a woman that resembles Falcone’s mother to make one of the strongest Don’s into marshmallow is something of a stretch.
  • Maroni’s soft spot for Penguin is somewhat confusing. Penguin has proven to be a thorn in his side, and yet he still forgives him and takes him in over again and again.
  • Why didn’t Gordon tell Dr. Tompkins that he has a girlfriend before he let her kiss him?

This episode finally gets down to the gritty truth about Fish’s hostile takeover of Falcone’s family business.  Gordon’s personal life is getting much more complicated with Dr. Thompkins in the picture.  Penguin is slowly climbing up the ladder of success now that Fish is gone.