After Gordon took down the Electrocutioner, things starts to go back to normal.  He and Bullock investigate a low level drug dealer’s death that connects him to a gang called the Uptown Assassins.  Fish is being held by one of Falcone’s specialists that handle problems, and Bruce gets a life lesson from Selina.

Gotham Welcome Back 01The Good

  • Gordon uses his detective skills to uncover a dirty cop that hides under the police commissioner’s protection.
  • Gordon takes the murder of a witness under his custody very personal and asks for assistance from the Penguin. The Penguin obliges him and delivers the murder weapon and a taped confession from a cop, Detective Delaware, that Detective Flass is dirty and a murderer.
  • Gordon takes Flass down right in the precinct with the captain backing his play. He’s got a lot guts to arrest another police officer, but he is not going to sit by and watch his precinct become corrupt.
  • Fish is at a warehouse preparing to be handled by one of Falcone’s specialist when Butch saves her. She vows payback to the Penguin for betraying her to Falcone.
  • Bruce tries to track down Selina to convince her to come back to Wayne Manor, and stay. She turns him down and says hurtful remarks to him to make him believe that she will never be friends with him, and won’t help him solve his parent’s murder.
  • When Fish confronts Penguin at his newly acquired nightclub, Vicor Sasz and his henchwomen interrupt their little squabble. Fish and Butch escape, but Butch sacrifices himself to allow Fish to escape.
  • Detective Delaware stops Gordon in the alleyway begging him to not harm his family now that he gave up Flass. Gordon is worried that he is becoming something he swears he will never be…..a dirty cop.

Gotham Welcome Back 02The Bad

  • It is a little unsettling watching Mrs. Cobblepot (Carol Kane) dance and make a fool of herself in Pernguin’s new night club.
  • Butch’s timing is a little too perfect to save his boss from the evil clutches of Falcone’s specialist.
  • I’m not sure why we have to endure Edward’s romantic blunders with Ms. Kringle. It really has no point with the plot of the episode.
  • Penguin seems to be getting very lucky when it comes to escaping death.
  • Now that Gordon has established that he is a badass, the target on his back has grown bigger

Gotham Welcome Back 03This episode finally took the gloves off with the corruption in the police department.  Gordon finally feels that he is not alone when it comes to cleaning up Gotham from the inside.  The Penguin has his pie, but doesn’t get to eat it, not yet.  Fish escapes with the help of Bullock and Butch. Bruce finally gets a reality check from someone he used to call a friend.