Gotham is back with a vengeance!  Gordon and Bullock are investigating a missing girl’s murder with one hell of a twist.  Penguin is planning to give Maroni everything he deserves. Fish makes a bold move to free herself from Dulmacher and Bruce uses his amateur detective skills to find the person who stabbed Alfred and gets some answers.

Gotham Beasts of Prey 01The Good

  • Milo Ventmiglia guests stars as the monster of the week. His charming smooth personality lures young women to their untimely demise.  In the GCPD, Milo’s character is dubbed the Don Juan Killer or The Ogre.  His performance is down right chilling and frightening.
  • Penguin is determined to buy a dive bar so that he can get his revenge on Maroni. In fact he wants to kill him.  Penguin’s method to his madness is always entertaining.   He never does anything without a purpose, there is always an angle.
  • Bruce enlists the help of Selina to find Reggie Payne and find out who hired him to spy on him. Reggie tells him that a couple board members of Wayne Enterprises hired him to find out how much Bruce knows.  Reggie warns Bruce that these are very dangerous people and to let Alfred take care of this.  Reggie gets killed by Selina by pushing him out of a warehouse window.
  • Fish makes a daring escape plan to free the human harvesting victims from Dulmacher, or the Dollmaker, but while she tries to escape she gets shot in the stomach, possibly bleeding to death.
  • I like the fact that Fish is the heroine in this episode, but I would love to have seen the Dollmaker get what he deserves.
  • As Gordon and Bullock continue investigating the young girl’s murder, Bullock realizes that the killer is someone the GCPD know all too well. Dubbed the Ogre, he retaliates against any cop searching for him by going after the cops loved ones.  Gordon and Bullock find out that Loeb is using this case to intimidate Gordon, but Gordon responds by threatening Loeb that his career is over if the Ogre harms the people he cares about, namely Lee.

Gotham Beasts of Prey 02The Bad

  • I thought the tempo if this episode was a little slow until the end of the episode, then it picked up when Fish executed her escape plan and Gordon threatening Commissioner Loeb.
  • I will miss Fish, she was starting to grow on me.

I love how this show can deliver colorful villains like Penguin, the Riddler, and still show us the darkness in all of us.  Anybody can be a villain if the temptation is just right.  The Dollmaker, the Ogre, and Commissioner Loeb are people that go the extra mile to satisfy their desires and manipulate those around them for personal gain.  This week definitely proves to me that this show is awesome and I can’t wait until the next episode!


Gotham S1E19 ‘Beasts of Prey’ recap