The hunt continues for the Ogre as Gordon digs deeper into the serial killer’s past.  Barbara has returned to Gotham for reasons that are unclear.  Nygma deals with an abuser in his own way, and Penguin gets a visit from Don Maroni at his nightclub.  Bruce takes his internal investigation of the corruption in Wayne Enterprises in a direction that leads to him taking Selina out on date.

Gotham under the knife 01The Good

  • The Ogre has a name and a face, Jason Skolimski. Gordon discovers that Jason’s root cause of his murderous rampage deals with mommy issues when he was a kid.  He was also born with a face a mother didn’t love, and when a mother figure finally showed affection towards him, she confessed to him that she was faking it.  If someone had done that to me I would be screwed up as well.
  • Penguin’s plan to kill Maroni is not going the way he wants it. Penguin gets a surprise visit from him and tells Gertrude, Ms. Cobblepot, all the bad things her son has done.  He added that Oswald is a cold blooded psychopath.  Looking at Momma Gertrude’s face when Penguin denies this is priceless.  You know she is starting to get suspicious.
  • Nygma confronts Officer Dougherty about his abuse and mistreatment of Ms. Kringle and warns him to stay away from her. Nyma gives Doughtery one of his ever famous riddles to convey what a relationship should be.  Dougherty nicknames him the “Riddleman” to further belittle him.  Nygma threatens him if he doesn’t leave Ms. Kringle alone he’ll be sorry.  He laughs in his face.  In a rage, Nygma stabs and kills Dougherty.
  • True to his word, the Ogre tracks down Gordon’s loved one, Barbara and seduces her to his home. But somehow Barbara’s personality and character is appealing to the Ogre.  He tries to convince her that they are a lot alike and he would like to help her become the person she always wanted to be.  Gordon is too late warning her about him.
  • Bruce and Selina go undercover as dates to the Wayne Charity Ball. Their mission is to locate Bunderslaw and get the key to his safe at Wayne Enterprises to find any evidence of corruption.  Bruce is still upset that Selina killed Reggie, but she is fine about it and would again in a heartbeat.

Gotham under the knife 02The Bad

  • The mother and son relationship between Oswald and his mother, Gertrude is little uncomfortable.
  • Gordon’s pride and ego to stop the Ogre is the reason why Barbara is in danger, not to mention Lee.
  • I’m not sure where Barbara’s head is at. The last scene we see Barbara and the Ogre in his play room and she is not freaking out.
  • Bruce and Selina storyline is a little weak. I hope it will pick up next week.


Next week it looks like Oswald is throwing down the gauntlet in Gotham.  He is waging war with Maroni and the GCPD must stop him from destroying the city.  The Ogre must be stopped before he harms Barbara and anybody else, and Bruce is discovering something new about his father.


Gotham S1E20 ‘Under the Knife’ recap