With Barbara in danger at the hands of the Ogre, Gordon uses all of his detective skills to find the Ogre and save her.  Bruce digs deeper into Bunderslaw and the corruption in Wayne Enterprises while trying to hide the truth about Reggie’s murder from Alfred.  The Penguin is placing his pawns on the chessboard for an all out war between Maroni and Falcone and waiting for him to pick up the pieces after the slaughter.

Gotham The Anvil and the Hammer 01The Good

  • The Ogre thinks he has a found a kindred spirit within Barbara, but when she realizes that the Ogre is not what he seems, she rejects him….bad idea Barb.
  • Gordon and Bullock finds out that the Ogre use to attend a high end S&M club. They are able to get the residence of the Ogre from one of the employees.  Unfortunately, they are too late.  He has skip town and left with Barbara.
  • Penguin uses a couple of Irish hit men to stir up trouble with Maroni saying that Falcone ordered them to kill him. The Irish got played by Penguin and now Maroni is out for Falcone’s blood.
  • Bruce’s plan to dig up any dirt on Bunderslaw fails miserably. Bunderslaw’s safe is empty and to make matters worse Bunderslaw catches Bruce red handed.  He insults Bruce by offering him a cookie.  To further Bruce’s failure, he tells Bruce that his father knew about Wayne’s corruption and did nothing.
  • We meet a young Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprise. He tells Bruce that his father was a good man and to dig further into his father’s past.
  • Nygma gets rid of Officer Dougherty’s body and falsifies an amateurish goodbye letter for Ms. Kringle from Dougherty. He puts a rather clever spin on the letter, where he spells out his name at the beginning of each line.
  • Proving that he loves her, the Ogre kills Barbara’s parents’ right in front of her. Barbara just stood there in a catatonic trance.
  • Gordon finds the Ogre and Barbara and kills him with a bullet in the head.
  • Bruce confesses to Alfred that it was Selina who killed Reggie, and they were digging into Wayne Enterprises corruption starting with Bunderslaw. Alfred’s stoic reaction is hard to watch. You know he is mad, but somewhat saddened that Bruce felt he had to do this on his own.
  • Alfred tries to defend the character of Thomas Wayne after Bruce accuses him of being just as bad as Bunderslaw. “Even good men have secrets, Alfred.” Bruce said.

Gotham The Anvil and the Hammer 02The Bad

  • The Ogre storyline is a good one. It’s too bad it has to end.
  • What is Barbara going to do now, now that her parents are dead and Gordon has moved on?
  • Nygma’s character is starting to get interesting. Too bad they didn’t expand on that.

Next week is the season finale.  Fish is back and the mob war starts with Gordon and the GCPD right in the middle.


Gotham S1E21 ‘The Anvil and the Hammer’ recap