This is an explosive way to end the first season of Gotham.  Fish returns to reclaim Gotham, Maroni is out to kill Falcone and claim Gotham, the Penguin is out to kill Falcone as well and wanting to reclaim Gotham, Bruce searches for his father’s dark secrets, and oh yeah.. Barbara and Leslie have a girl therapy session about Barbara’s ordeal with the Ogre.

The Good

  • Fish has returned to Gotham with a new attitude and a fresh a new look.
  • The mob war spills out in the streets where Maroni puts Falcone in the hospital.
  • Penguin’s personality and behavior is becoming more erratic and manic when he visits Falcone in the hospital. He confesses to Falcone that it is him that started the war and declares himself the king of Gotham.  But he fails to kills Falcone when Gordon stops him and arrests him for attempted murder.
  • It’s a scene from The Godfather when Maroni’s men come to the hospital to finish off Falcone and Gordon steps in to protect him. Commissioner Loeb makes an appearance trying to strong arm Gordon to stand back.  Gordon is able to get Falcone and Penguin out of the hospital and to one of Falcone’s safe house.
  • Barbara gets better and asks Leslie to help get through victim trauma counseling. She reluctantly agrees.
  • Maroni, and Fish are able to find Falcone safe house, and a gun fight breaks out. Fish kills Maroni and Penguin chases Fish up to the roof of the safe house.  It’s a pretty crazy fight between them.  All the tension, the animosity, the vengeance, that has been building up between them explodes all at once.  Oswald finally gets the upper hand when Butch intervenes and distracts Fish to give Oswald a chance to push her over the roof and kill her.
  • The Penguin is the only surviving mobster in Gotham.
  • Barbara relives her experience with the Ogre and her screwed up childhood with Leslie. She tells Leslie that the Ogre helped her find her true self and claims to have violently killed her parents.  The Ogre has really messed her up.  Barbara’s behavior brought chills down my spine.  The Ogre finally broke her and she viciously attacks Leslie.  She is able to stop her, but not until Gordon saw her bashing Barbara’s head on the floor.
  • Falcone tells Gordon that he is done with the Mafia business and wants to retire somewhere south. He tells Gordon that this city needs a lawman to hold it together.
  • Bruce turns his father’s study upside down to find any hidden safe’s, but finds nothing. That is until he remembers what Lucius Fox told him about this father being a stoic man.  Bruce grabs a book about a famous roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius, saying that Marcus’ personality is stoic.  He finds a small remote and it opens a trap door disguised as a fireplace.  It leads down a dark cave like walkway.
  • Nygma becomes unhinged when Ms Kringle discovers his little riddle written on Officer Dougherty’s good bye letter

The Bad

  • It’s a little strange to see Selina work for Fish. She doesn’t fit the mafia mentality.
  • I wish I could have seen a little more what Bruce and Alfred found in his father’s hidden cave.
  • Nygma is starting to get interesting. It’s too bad that his scene is short.
  • What’s going to happen to Barbara? Are they going to put her in Arkham Asylum?

Next season it is going to be whole new world in Gotham.  The old mob bosses are dead, except for Penguin, so I guess we are going to new villains trying to grab power in Gotham.  Gordon and the GCPD have their hands full.


Gotham S1E22 ‘All Happy Families Are Alike’ Season Finale recap