Well it looks like Fox and Warner Bros/DC Comics are pretty serious about moving forward with their planned TV show, Gotham, based on the early days of the GCPD! So much so that today it has been announced that Southland actor Ben McKenzie has been cast in the leading role of Jim Gordon. Funny thing about McKenzie is that he starred as the voice of Batman back in 2011 in the animated feature Batman: Year One! So far we know that the show will feature a young Bruce Wayne, some well-known Bat-Villains in their early stages, and span the time period up to the time when Batman first appears in Gotham City. The pilot of the show will be written by The Mentalist‘s Bruno Heller who will also be executive producer on the project with CSI‘s Danny Cannon directing. What do you think Towelites? Will a show without the Bat be popular enough to stay on the air after one season? Sound off in the comments below!

Ben McKenzie Jim Gordon Gotham