My cousinThe Seavage and I are pretty big fans of the 1980s, in case you haven’t listened to our previous podcasts. We think that the fashion, music, and especially the MOVIES are far superior to what they put out nowadays and we wanted to give some love to our favorite films from back then. This being the 30th Anniversary of the films of 1985, we started here. We’ll continue our journey through the decade in later episodes, but for now, take a listen and let us know what your OWN favorite films of the 1985 are in the comments!

We will be having a LIVE PODCAST devoted to the 30th Anniversary of Fright Night; which is another 1985 release! It will be at 630 on our YouTube page and the link is below. Phone details are coming, but you can hit us up in the chatroom and also on our Twitter by @Gourmet_Scum and we’ll field your questions and interact about our Favorite Vampire Film of All-Time!!

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