Chris and I wanted to do something special for the 30th Anniversary of our favorite vampire film of all time Fright Night, so we hit the YouTube waves and streamed a LIVE podcast. It was a lot of fun, had a slew of celebrity callers, and geeked out like Stephen Jeffries at a Fraternity Vacation. You can download the audio podcast below and share in our love of the film!

If you’d like to watch us talk about it “Live”, check out the video below as we share Chris’s insane Fright Night collection and take viewers/listener calls.

We’d like to thank The Dorkening again for hosting and you can find and LIKE them on Facebook. Also, make sure to check us out on iTunes and LIKE our own Facebook page for the latest and scummiest updates. If you like what you hear, please leave us comments or a review on iTunes because we love doing the podcasts and appreciate eveyones support…FOR REAL.

Fright Night Blu