Well guys, we’re four episodes in now and I feel like we’re no closer to finding Danny’s killer than we were on the first one. We are getting a bit deeper into the story though, so that’s good.

gracepoint-season-1-episode-4-psychicTurns out we have a new suspect, his name is Lars. He’s a vet, young and apparently on anti-psychotics. He’s the guy that Jack saw Danny talking to on the cliff. It turns out Beth has actually met him. He came into her work asking about the camp grounds and a hunting license. While they were talking he noticed a picture she had of Chloe and Danny and commented that she had a beautiful family. She told Ellie that she thought he was really odd.

Chloe finally told Ellie that she got the cocaine from her boyfriend Dean, that she asked him for Gemma and he knew who to get it from. When Ellie and Carver go to question him at the docks he takes off running, because that isn’t obvious is it? When they catch him Carver starts having another attack. I wonder what’s going on with that? Is it anxiety, or his heart or what? I’m sure they’ll get to that eventually. Back to Dean now. They chase him down and he tells them that he barely knew Danny, but did tell them where he got the coke from. They put him in the car and go to talk to his dealer. Turns out that he had been expecting them because apparently Dean had Danny with him when he went to buy the drugs, and he said it looked like they had been arguing about something. So now Dean is lying to the cops, which of course means that he’s going in for questioning. It turns out that Dean actually had spent a decent amount of time with Danny, he said that Danny was lonely and that he felt like no one really knew him. The day he went to buy the cocaine he saw Danny walking down the street alone and he picked him up. They stopped at a gas station and Danny stole a crossword puzzle and a pen (seriously? That’s what you steal!?) When they got to the dealer’s house they were arguing about that. Dean claims he was working at his uncle’s restaurant the night that Danny was killed, agracepoint-episode-104-anna-gunn-david-tennantnd according to his uncle and the time clock it seems like he was really there. So, Dean has an alibi. I don’t think it was him though, he really doesn’t seem like a killer. But who knows really? There’s still a lot we don’t know.

Beth went to tell Father Paul about talking to Raymond. He’s being all comforting and sweet to her, but does anyone else find him super creepy? After they talk he finds Raymond to try and get him to stop talking to Beth, he tells him that if she needs someone that it should be him. Here’s my question, is he just jealous of this guy or is he scared that he actually knows something? I don’t know why the priest would kill Danny, but there is definitely something off about him.

Then we have the weird trailer lady and Vince (Mark’s apprentice). They know something because she goes to him and tells him he has to go to her place for dinner, that they need to get their stories straight. She goes to pick out a chicken, a live one, gracepoint-episode-4-recapfor dinner and it totally seemed like she was going to do some crazy voodoo spell with it. Turns out she just cooked it, but Vince didn’t show up to eat. Instead, he was home in his shed making skate boards, when Tommy came to see if he could fix his for him. Vince was asking him all these questions about Ellie and the case, and when he asked Tommy if she knew he was there and he said no, he shut the door real quick.

When Tommy gets home he notices Ellie’s briefcase and starts snooping in it. He finds the picture of Lars and his phone number and starts memorizing it. He looks the number up on his computer and finds where Lars is at. Next thing you see is a boat on fire in the water.

So, who is this Lars dude? Who do you guys think did it? I’m still on the fence, about everyone really. I don’t trust a single person in this town, but I still have no clue who it could be. For all we know it could have been Beth. I doubt it, but I wouldn’t count it out.

Hopefully next week opens up some new evidence and maybe we’ll get some questions answered.