One of the things that Rockstar is best known for in it’s Grand Theft Auto games is, Innovation. The company continues to improve upon itself in each iteration of the series, and GTAV is no different. The single-player campaign is touted as one of the best games of 2013; while the online game is being heralded as one of the best online experiences of all time.

One aspect that’s never been seen before in a Grand Theft Auto game is the expected inclusion of casino gambling in it’s upcoming DLC. Online gambling been around a while now, you can visit sites like where you can play poker like a pro; but never have the Rockstar people added it so vibrantly to one of it’s franchises before. In Red Dead Redemption, I would play poker in the game for hours and it was a ton of fun, but we’re going to be able to experience something different in GTA Online.

With a DLC thats due out later this year, it’s speculated that players will be able to spend their own money to buy GTA$; and with that, they’ll get the chance to actually earn big cash prizes. It’s an interesting and revolutionary concept, that you can play most casino games, just like you can online now. As more news comes to DFAT about this, Stay Tuned and we’ll keep you posted!