Our friends over at Premiere Pre and Post Productions, aka P3, have finally released the first episode in their new comic book hero series, Grayson: Earth One. I am a huge Nightwing fan and I am happy that Dick Grayson is getting a little bit of the spotlight! This one takes some hints from Arrow, I like the multiple Bat-Family references, and it is well driven enough to make me want to catch the next episode!

Grayson Earth One Poster 2

Premiere Pre and Post (P3) Production says:

Premiere Pre and Post (P3) Production presents its original Nightwing series “Grayson: Earth One” based on the celebrated Batman comics. Be the first to help launch the series to fans all over the world! Join P3’s dedicated and hardworking team as they set off on this new adventure as blogs, forums, websites, and all get a glimpse of the jaw-dropping pilot episode.

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your fans! Don’t keep all the fun to yourself – spread the entertainment for all to enjoy!

Check the video below and be the first to watch the newly released pilot episode of “Grayson: Earth One.” Attached to this email are the cast posters – ENJOY! Thank you!


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Who We (P3 Productions) are:

Grayson Earth One was produced by 2013 Streamy Nominated filmmaker and owner of P3 Productions Hisonni Johnson. In 2012 Hisonni received nearly 70 awards for his two critically acclaimed web series “Fight Night Legacy” and “Olympia,” including the Grand Prize at LaWeb Fest, the world’s largest web festival. His work has earned him the respect of working relationships with Sean Becker (The Guild), Felicia Day (The Flog) and The AMC Network. With your help, Hisonni hopes to bring you his best work yet in the form of “Grayson Earth One.”

Stay tooned 😛



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