Joe Dante was a great director. Notice how I used the word ‘was.’ It’s not even that he’s such a bad director now, but the last stuff that’s he’s really done theatrically was ‘Looney Tunes: Back In Action‘ in 2003. I have never seen that movie, but I can only imagine it wasn’t on par with his previous works like Gremlins and The Burbs. So now we get ‘The Hole.’ A movie that has been sitting on in a vault collecting dust since 2009. In fact, I saw it back then because I just downloaded it to see how it was. I’m not going to give you a full-fledged review because I don’t really remember it too well. What I do remember is that the movie didn’t impress me whatsoever.  It was like a more lame version of ‘The Gate.’ Which, if you have never seen THAT movie, well you should. In fact, here’s a trailer. It has some sweet stop-motion animation, ala Ray Harryhausen.

See? Wasn’t that just filled with amazing 80’s cheese? Yes it was.  Anywho, The Hole is finally getting put out to theaters and below is a trailer and a poster for that. I guess if you’re a huge Dante fan or something you should see it. Or you just have absolutely nothing better to do.

Official Synopsis: Susan and her sons Dane and Lucas Thompson move from Brooklyn to Bensonville, in the countryside. Dane is upset with the constant changes of address and the family has lived in many cities. Lucas and Dane befriend their next door neighbor, the gorgeous Julie and the brothers find a bottomless hole in the basement of their house locked with several padlocks. They take the locks off and sooner they are haunted by their darkest fears. Further, they believe that the hole might be a gateway to hell.

The Hole opens up in 3D, for some reason, on September 28th.

Thanks to Collider for the heads up.