Wesen of the Week

Grimm Marechaussee 01Manticore– a wesen creature that has body of a lion and tail of a scorpion.  It kills its victim by injecting them with a neurotoxin with its stinger.

Marechaussee– a wesen bounty hunter

Monroe and Rosalee are back from their honeymoon and its business as usual.  Nick, Hank and Wu investigate a few wesen murders with a familiar killing signature they recognize from the past.  Renard gets a surprising family reunion and Juliette’s Hexenbeist problem is getting worse.

Grimm Marechaussee 03The Good

  • Renard finds out that Victor and Adelind are back in Portland, looking for Adelind’s baby. Sounds more like s a soap opera.
  • Nick finds out that the Wesen Council has hired a Marechaussee to take care of their Council lawbreakers by killing them.
  • Nick follows a trail of dead wesen bodies to a Manticore wesen named Jonathan Wilde, a Marechaussee.
  • The Council has put a hit on Nick for his meddling in the past in their business.
  • Renard is forced to help Victor and Adelind find her baby.
  • Juliette finds out from Henrietta that her Hexenbeist problem is permanent.
  • Nick discovers that the Council has put a hit on him, and fears that Juliette may get harmed. He rushes home to find Wilde is dead and Juliette is safe waiting for him in the house.
  • Nick doesn’t know that Juliette woged and killed Wilde herself. Her demeanor has changed after her last meeting with Henrietta.
  • Nick tells Juliette that Adelind is back. She reacts very badly to this and wants to kill Adelind.
  • Juliette’s powers are growing stronger.

Grimm Marechaussee 02The Bad

  • The more Juliette hides her secret from Nick the worse it is going to get for them. But every time she tries to tell him, something gets in the way.

Its looks like the Council has made their feeling known that Nick is a problem and should be dealt with.  Renard is looking further into the whereabouts of Nick’s mother and Adelind baby.  Nick is starting to get suspicious with Juliette’s behavior.  Next week, it’s a battle we’ve all been waiting for:  Juliette versus Adelind.

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