This episode is the conclusion of the season premier last week where Nick, Hank and Truble investigate a Wessen attack on a government defense contractor.  Their issue with Nick’s Grimm-less powers are put on the back burner until they stop this memory sucking Wessen from harming anybody else.  Trubel is put to the test as the new Grimm. Adelind travels to Vienna to get her daughter back from Prince Viktor, only to find out that he doesn’t have the child and imprisons her in his castle until she reveals the whereabouts of the members of the resistance.

Grimm s4e2 01The Good

  • The rite of passage for Trubel as the Grimm is tested this week by Nick.  Her unpredictability and rookie antics are refreshing to watch as Nick tries to show her the ropes of being a effective Grimm.  It was like watching Nick using his Grimm powers for the first time and fumbling around.
  • Captain Renard doesn’t die and is saved by a mysterious blond witch.  Later we find out that she is his mother.  Holy Crap, what a complete shock, what is her secret.  Plastic surgery doesn’t have anything on her.  I hope she may the answer to Nick’s affliction.
  • The Wessen hit man get his poetic justice by Trubel, when he tries to suck the memories from her, only to get a chock full of Grimm memories and leave him in a constant delirious nightmarish state.

Grimm s4e2 02The Bad

  • Juliette is getting a bit annoying trying to prevent Monroe and Rosalee from finding a cure for Nick.  The fact that Juliette takes this opportunity to keep Nick from his destiny puts me in a frustrated mood that she doesn’t accept who he really is.  Fortunately, Monroe and Rosalee continue to find something to save Nick.
  • Wu keeps getting the run around from Nick and Hank about Trubel and the truth about Nick and the Grimm world.  Even though Hank and Nick still thinks that this is the best for him, Wu is not stupid and will eventually find out the truth, and it might end the relationship and trust with Nick and Hank.
  • There is not enough time to deal with Chavez and her involvement with Nick and Trubelin this episode, I’m sure we’ll dig deeper into her story in the next episode.

This episode tells us that Trubel is still raw and unpredictable when it comes to her being a Grimm.  She still needs a lot of experience and Nick has his hands full.  We finally see more of Renard’s past and a possible psychic connection to Adelind and Nick due to the curse put on Nick.  Nick’s is still having trouble dealing with him being powerless.  I hope Renard’s mom will help Nick, but I think Juliette is going to have some reservation about this.

Next Week on Grimm: “Last Fight