Wesen of the Week:

Chupacabra-    a wolf life wesen creature that is infected by a rabid disease that   attacks at night and kills both human and animal.  Believed to be  originated in Puerto Rico, the first wesen that got infected was a  Waeldreor, a part wesen wolf like creature that can be seen by all.  It displays malaria like symptoms and got the name “Chupacrabra”  by how it attacks it victim.  In spanish terms, Chupacabra literally means “goat sucker”.

An urban legend finds it way in Portland and Nick must find a way to deal with this while trying to keep Monroe and Rosa Lee safe from the wesen community.  Monroe and Rosalee keep getting harassed by the wesen community and Juliette gets a rude surprise from that Grimm reawakening spell.

    The Good

–                      the Secundum Naturae Ordinum Wesen steps up there attacks by threatening phone calls and leaving a dead fox hanging at the spice shop.  They even threaten Rosa Lee that if she doesn’t leave Monroe her blood will be spilled.  This Nazi style of intimidation is very dark and down right scary, but it is a very good storyline.  It also definitely hits home to many ethnic cultures around the world today.

–                      Juliette is not pregnant, perhaps worse, she may be turning into a wesen, a Hexenbeist to be exact.  I guest that spell that Elizabeth made to cure Nick left some sort of residual side effect of the original spell that Adelind made.  Is Juliette now becoming a wesen like Adelind and Elizabeth?

–                      A doctor, Diego Moyos, who is a Coyotl, a canine like wesen, came back from the Dominican Republic who contracted flu like symptoms that transforms him into a rabid dog and starts attacking people and their pets.  The local Spanish community claims it is the Chupacabra that is responsible because they hear that a wild dog like creature is seen in these areas very recently.

–                      Nick, Hank, and Rosa lee are able to figure out how to counteract the Chupacabra’s sickness, but only had one dose of the cure.  Unfortunately, the sickness spread to the doctor’s wife, who is Coyotl as well.  A choice has to be made for the both of them.  The husband Diego sacrifices himself and gives the cure to his wife to save her from the pain he went through.  He died a few minutes later, leaving the wife cured but with no husband.  This sad story is a reflection of what Monroe and Rosa Lee have to face when they confront the Nazi pure wesen community.

–                      Having witness a sighting of the Chupacabra, Wu is finally fed up with all Nick and Hank secret crap and confronts them, leaving them no choice but to tell him the truth about everything.  He doesn’t take it well, but that’s to be expected for someone who just realizes that monsters are real.

–                      Renard gets a phone call from one of his royal family; Tavitian, he wants to meet with him.  They meet at a nearby street, he tells Renard that the resistance has Adelind’s daughter and not Viktor.  Renard says he gave the baby to Viktor before they left for Europe, but actually gave the baby to Kelly, Nick’s mom to keep it safe.  Tavitian claims there is a mole in the family and that someone told Viktor the resistance has the baby.  He tells Renard that they must find the child before Viktor finds her.

–                      Monroe gets taken by the Nazi pure wesen community.

The Bad

–                      I miss Trubel.


Next week’s episode is going to be explosive as Nick must find Monroe before something horrible happens.  From the preview of next week’s episode it could be disastrous for Monroe.  Is Juliette becoming a full fledged HexenBeist of is it just the side effect of Adelind’s anti-Grimm spell?  Now that Wu knows the truth, what will be his next move?  We shall see.