It’s been far too long since a new episode of Grimm has graced our TV screen. BUT tonight we see the return of one of my favorite TV shows in a long time. Is Nick ready to  take on the evil Wesens that are headed his way? Will Juliette hook up with Renard or remember Nick as her true love?! Are you truly ready for some more Monroe-mance??!!!! The action, detective, sappy relationship, yet well written show, who is blessed to have David Greenwalt of Buffy and Angel fame running the show (so we know that the creature features are in good hands)!!! Here are some clips from TONIGHT’S EPISODE !!!! Face Off!!!!!




Grimm returns tonight! Airing weekly in the NBC Friday night “death-slot” at 9pm EST! If you’re interested in the lore and a behind the scenes look at your favorite fairy-tale fantasy TV show, look for the upcoming Grimm Collectors Magazine coming from Titan Magazines!!!


Stay tooned 😛