Wesen of the Week

Willenhara-  dated back from the Middle Ages, this rabbit like creature is considered sacred.  It is said that the true nature of this wesen can bestow good fortune and fertility to newlywed couples.  If the couple places a fresh severed Willenhara foot under their bed, the female would become pregnant within three days from their conception.

Leporem Venators- are wesen creatures who hunt them and sell the Willenhara’s feet to the desired couples.

This week Grimm is back with a very twisted version of Peter Rabbit and his mythological foot fetish that the wesen community will do anything to get, even murder.  Juliette finally reveals her new look and personality to Nick, and Adalind reaches out to Renard for support.

Grimm Bad Luck 02The Good

  • The myth and legend of the lucky rabbit’s foot plays a major role in this episode.
  • It’s a hilarious coincidence that the Willenhara wesen that got killed in the beginning of the episode name is Peter and all the hunter took is his left foot.
  • Nick struggling with Juliette’s new transformation. He is also shocked that she told Renard and Henrietta before him.
  • Adalind tracks down Renard try to convince him Victor is obsessed with finding her baby and that she and Renard need to work together. She finds out that Renard referred Henrietta to Juliette.
  • The Willenhara wesen family is being hunted by a wesen black market dealer that sells their severed foot for profit. The Leporem Venator takes the Willenhara wesen daughter to sell her foot to the next couple.  Nick and Hank are on the trail to stop him.
  • Adalind finds out that she is pregnant with Nick’s baby. She got pregnant when she had sex with Nick during the time she was trying to get rid of Nick Grimm powers.
  • Rosalee and Monroe finds out that one fertility clinic is profiting from the selling of severed Willenhara’s
  • Nick and Hank stop the Leporem Venator from killing another Willenhara.

Grimm Bad Luck 01The Bad 

  • Is this end of Nick and Juliette? Where will she go?
  • I hate it that Juliette easily pushed Nick away.
  • I feel Renard conflicted in saving his baby, and getting soft with Adalind.

This week’s episode is a great one.  There is a lot of action and suspense.  Nick’s future with Juliette is shaky, but I think she should give him the benefit of the doubt.  Now that we know that Adalind is pregnant with Nick’s baby, is she going tell him or hide it from him?  Next week, Juliette makes a difficult decision.


Grimm S414  ‘Bad Luck’ recap