Wesen of the Week

Grimm Double Date 01Huntha Lami Muuaji– a flatworm like creature that secretes enzymes from its skin in order for it to feed upon the victim’s skin.  They live in pairs: one female and one male.  No female has ever been caught and the male are extremely dangerous.


This week Nick, Hank and Wu are investigating a murder that leads to a couple of wesen grifters that have split personalities.  Juliette takes her hexenbeist troubles to Renard, and Adalind hatches a plan to prevent Nick from being a father.

Grimm Double Date 02The Good

  • The wesen monster of the week is pretty good. It deals with a wesen creature that can change sex simply by woging back and forth.
  • Renard is reliving the moment when he got shot. Every time he flashback to getting shot, he bleeds from the chest wound.
  • Nick tries to reach out to Juliette, hoping to find a way to help her.
  • Juliette turns to Renard for a place to stay until she figures out how to deal with her hexenbeist problem. Renard tells her that she has to find a way to accept her new life.
  • Monroe goes undercover to trap the Huntha Lami Muuaji. He hilariously pretends to be a single guy at a bar waiting for the wesen to make it’s move.  The wesen first uses its female form to lure the men to her place then it changes into a man robbing them.
  • When Nick and Hank finally catches the wesen, they are able to prevent the Huntha Lami Muuanji from changing sex, permanently keeping the creature in male form.

Grimm Double Date 03The Bad

  • Juliette still keeps Nick from a distance, because she thinks he doesn’t understand what she is going through.
  • Monroe is a horrible undercover agent, but comical.
  • Adalind only had one scene in this episode, and it only lasted a couple of minutes.
  • Juliette just needs to accept her new identity.

Nick is having relationship issues this week with Juliette, and it is not getting any better.  Nick and Team Grimm have to think outside the box to defeat this unique wesen creature.  Next week Renard come face to face with another royal family member that wants to take control over Renard’s territory.


 Grimm S415 ‘Double Date’ recap