The wesenrein tribunal has started and Monroe is running out of time.  Nick, Hank, Renard, Wu, Rosalee, and Juliette are using every resource possible to find where the wesenein has taken Monroe.  Nick finds out that one of his own has betrayed him and only he can help Nick save Monroe.  Juliette is still struggling with her identity new crisis.

Grimm The Tribunal 01The Good

  • The pace of this episode is fast moving and exciting.
  • Nick, Hank, Wu, and Renard are taking off their gloves and getting dirty to get answers from Acker, the officer who helped the wesenrein take Monroe.
  • Wu finally gets comfortable with a wesen woging in front of him.
  • Bud, who is helping Nick find Monroe, gets kidnapped by the wesenrein. His loyalty to Nick is proven when he is forced to answer questions about his involvement with Monroe and Nick, and the Grimm.
  • Juliette tries to tell Rosalee about her problem, but gets sidelined due to Rosalee is concentrating more on finding Monroe
  • Nick and the gang get the location of Monroe by threatening to sick Nick on Ackers sister, Suzanne, if he doesn’t cooperate.
  • Monroe gets saved just in time by Nick and the others.
  • Wu kills a wesenrein, so does Renard, and Juliette woges into her Hexenbeist mode to kill another.
  • Monroe and Juliette track down the Grandmaster and tear him apart.

Grimm The Tribunal 02The Bad

  • After Monroe gets rescued, Juliette decides to reveal her little wesen secret to   I would think she would trust Nick to tell him first, but I guess she has a little distrust that Nick is now a full fledged Grimm.
  • Wu has taken upon himself to brush up on his new discovery of the Grimm world. How is he going to take it when finds out that Juliette is a Hexenbeist?  He is still unpredictable, but I hope for the best.
  • I’m not going to make anymore predictions about anybody’s fate. I got it wrong about someone getting killed this week.
  • The scene where Monroe is being tried by the tribunal is a little weak. I didn’t get any threat or danger from their tribunal.

This week gave us some exciting moments and some not so exciting moments.  We get to see different sides of our main characters when one of their own are threatened.  Wu is a good addition to the gang.  From the very beginning, I had a feeling that Wu would eventually become part of Nick’s Grimm world.  Next week Juliette has to come to the realization that she is wesen, but worse, a Hexenbeist, the very thing that Adelind is.