Grimm Mishipeshu 01Mishipeshu (Gichi-anami ‘e-bichiw)-  A Native American spirit described to be a horned-water serpent panther that lives in the depth of Lake superior.  Its legend is connected to the Odawa, Pottawatomie, and Ojibwa Tribe where the Mishipeshu guardian spirit protects the people from harm or exacts vengeance on those who did harm to the tribes.

This week Nick, Hank investigate a murder that is of Native American in nature.  Though it may look like a wesen, it doesn’t have corporeal form, but it possess the victim’s body to attack their victims.

Grimm Mishipeshu 02The Good

  • Deputy Ferris joins Nick and Hank in the investigation of a couple homicides that may be Native American related. They are joined by Hector, a tribal dream reader that can shed some light as to who the suspect and the victims and how they are connected.  He believes it is hate crime against Native Americans.
  • Rosalee and Monroe call upon Renard for assistance with Adalind’s spell book and her hat. They are trying to find a way to reverse whatever has been done to Juliette.
  • Renard’s behavior is starting to get stranger. He mugged a total stranger without him being aware of doing it.
  • Juliette is starting to embrace the dark side of her new found power and transformation. She ends up in jail.  Nick visits her trying to convince her that he won’t give up on her, but she is too far gone and pushes him and the others away.
  • Nick, Hank, and Deputy Ferris discover that the person whom they are after is a Native American boy, Simon George, who witnessed his father’s death at the hands of three racists. Hector believes that the Mishipeshu is going after the people who killed Simon’s father.
  • While trying to stop Simon from killing his father murderers, Hank gets possessed by the Mishipeshu and he goes after the last racist murderer. Hank and Nick fight while Hector is able to free Hank of the spirit.
  • Unfortunately, with no actual evidence that can connect the last racist murderer to Simon’s father murder, the racist can’t be charged. But he gets killed by the Mishipeshu anyway, because Ferris gets possessed by it and finishes the revenge.
  • I like Deputy Ferris. She would make a good addition to Nick’s Grimm gang, not to mention a possible love interest with Hank.

GrimmThe Bad

  • Renard’s personal problem is not getting enough attention: his old gunshot wounds, his hallucinations, and his unexplained blackout spells.
  • I think that it is great that Rosalee and Monroe are working hard to try to find a cure for Juliette, but I think Juliette is a lost cause.

Next week Juliette gets her Hexenbeist on with Adalind, and Prince Kenneth is digging his claws into Juliette for information about Adalind’s baby.


Grimm S4E18 ‘Mishipeshu’ recap