This week there is no wesen of the week.  It seems that Nick is searching for a killer that may not be a wesen but a very old serial killer.  Nick and Hank investigate a murder of two wesen prostitutes that are strangely similar to the serial killer Jack the Ripper back in the 1800’s.  Rosalee and Adalind work on a potion that can help Juliette, and Renard’s personal problem is starting to get out of control.

Grimm You Dont Know Jack 01The Good

  • Renard’s blackouts, his wounds bleeding, and the terrifying dreams may shed some light into the murders of a couple wesen prostitutes.
  • I love the Jack the Ripper connection with the Grimm lore. The fact that Nick, Hank, and Monroe discover that Jack the Ripper was possibly possessed by something much older and more demonic when the killings occurred in the 1800’s.
  • The devil made me do it, seems appropriate in this murder investigation.
  • Renard tries to seek help with Henrietta, but when she didn’t have the answers he stormed out. Just then an intruder breaks in and kills Henrietta….coincidence?
  • Juliette sends a fake email to Kelly telling her that Nick is in mortal danger so that she can be lured out of hiding.
  • Juliette gives the entire layout of Nick’s neighborhood for Kenneth. I’m sure that Kenneth is planning to ambush Kelly and Diana when she tries to return to help Nick.
  • Rosalee and Adalind finish the suppressant potion for Juliette, but they need to test it. Adalind volunteers and it works.
  • Rosalee feels that Nick needs help and decides to call Trubel.
  • Nick convinces Juliette to meet him at the spice shop. Rosalee, Hank, Monroe, and Nick are at the shop when Juliette walks in.  She attacks Rosalee and Monroe, breaks the jar of the suppressant and forces Nick to aim a gun at Monroe.  The screen goes to black when a gunshot is heard.

The Bad

  • Trying to help Juliette is useless. She doesn’t want help.  They should be looking into finding the Ripper killer before he kills again.
  • Renard should have waited for Henrietta to get chance to help him. I wanted to see if she had some answers.

Next week Trubel returns, as well as Kelly Burkhardt.  Only two episodes left before the season ends, and it looks like Nick will discover a devastating tragedy at the end of next week’s episode.


Grimm S4E20 ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ recap