This week is the last episode before the season finale.  Nick and the gang with the exception of Juliette, are trying to help Renard free himself of a spirit possession.  Juliette and Prince Kenneth’s plan to kidnap Adalind’s baby, Diana is starting to take shape, and an old friend returns to help Nick with Juliette.

The Good

  • We finally understand what is creating these blackouts and old gunshot wounds bleeding again. It seems when Renard was shot by Stewart and died at the hospital, Elizabeth, Renard’s mother resurrected him.  But something hitched a ride and entered through him by a portal.  The blackouts and the bloody wounds are signs that the spirit has taken over his body without him knowing.  In a nutshell, Renard is possessed by Jack the Ripper.
  • Rosalee and Monroe come up with a plan to trick The Ripper out of Renard’s body and release him of the Ripper’s hold. That would mean that Renard would have to die for the plan to work.
  • We get to see what Renard has been doing during his blackouts and the Ripper takes over. Renard’s old English accent is pretty entertaining to listen to.
  • While Juliette lays a trap for Kelly Burkhardt, she is suddenly remembering flashbacks of her and Nick together. Is she starting to become the old Juliette or is she too far gone?
  • Prince Kenneth and his minions start to systematically take over the surrounding houses where Nick lives. Their objective is to isolate Nick’s mom and have no witnesses.
  • The plan works. Kelly arrives at Nick’s house with Diana.  Juliette is upstairs in Nick’s house while Kelly gets ambushed by Kenneth’s men and kills her, leaving Diana alone in the house.
  • Renard is captured before he is about to kill a prostitute and is taken to Rosalee and Monroe’s house. They tell Renard to drink a potion that will help him remember what happened to him.  But The Ripper fights back and takes Rosalee by the throat.  She gets away and Nick, Hank, and Wu shoot him with rubber bullets to knock him out.  The rouse works and the spirit is gone.  No more Jack the Ripper.
  • Everyone is relieved, until Trubel enters the room. Everyone is surprised, but she tells Nick that something has happened at his house.
  • Nick finds his mom’s head in a cardboard box. He screams and I get chills!!

The Bad

  • It’s pretty subtle, but I keep noticing Rosalee and Hank try to keep their distance from on another. I can’t remember why.
  • Juliette’s behavior is somewhat erratic. When she remembers moments from her past with Nick, are her feelings for him starting to resurface?  Why is she helping Prince Kenneth?
  • Juliette’s reaction to Kelly Burkhardt’s death is down right ICY!
  • Trubel’s screen time is way too short, but I’m glad she is back for the season finale.
  •   It’s not a great way to start Mother’s Day Weekend.

Next week is the showdown between Juliette and Nick.  We finally get to meet Renard’s Royal Patriarch, The King.


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