Only one word comes to mind when I watched the season finale……WOW!!!

The Royals throw a crippling blow to Nick and he needs his friends now more than ever to deal with this devastating news.  We get to finally meet the Royal King and also discover that Diana is not the infant child we last saw when Kelly took her away from them to hide.

Grimm Cry Havoc 01The Good

  • The title of this episode refers to a line in the Shakespearian play, Julius Caesar, “Cry Havoc and let slips the dogs of war”. It is definitely a fitting phrase for this episode, because Nick is raging a war against the Royals, and Juliette for the death of his mother, Kelly.
  • Nick finds out the Prince Kenneth is the one responsible for ordering the hit on Kelly. He gets Adalind, Wu, to frame Kenneth for a crime of murder when they find a decapitated head in his hotel room.
  • Kenneth is then taken by Wu to a rundown warehouse where Nick is waiting. It’s a MMA fight between the two and Nick comes out the winner by stabbing Kenneth in the neck and killing him.
  • King Frederick visits stateside to be joined with his granddaughter, Diana. He reminds me of the Architect from The Matrix Reloaded, only chubbier.
  • Nick knows that Juliette’s transformation into a Hexenbeist has changed her personality, but he is in shock that she would betray Nick by helping Kenneth setup Kelly and take Diana and killing Kelly in the process.
  • Wu gets the location of the Royals safe house from Juliette’s phone. Trubel asks Nick what he wants them to do when they find Juliette? “Kill her”, said Nick.  It’s about time!
  • Nick, Hank, Trubel, Monroe, and Wu go after The Royals, while Rosalee, Bud, Adalind stay behind. A battle ensues at the Royals safe house where Nick and the gang try to find Juliette and Diana.  But unfortunately, King Frederick, and Diana gets away in a helicopter and flies away.
  • The King gets thrown out of the helicopter by Martin Meisner, a member of the Resistance and the one who helped Adalind run from the Royals and helped Adalind deliver her baby as well.
  • Nick tells Adalind the bad news. She doesn’t take it well.  At least she didn’t freak out, but she is very sad and disappointed.
  • Hank tells Renard everything that has happened. He tells Hank that the Ripper case is still open and the police won’t stop until they find the suspect.  They get the bright idea to pin the murder case on Kenneth, because he fits the profile to the letter; British, 6 foot tall, and slender.
  • Nick goes home and finds Juliette there waiting for him. His anger overcomes him and attacks her, but he can’t bring himself to kill the woman he once loved.  Juliette takes that vulnerable moment and retaliates.
  • Trubel kills Juliette with two arrows to her chest. Nick catches her and cries as she dies.  A split second just before she dies, the old Juliette returns.
  • Just then Agent Chavez pulls up with an army and storms the house, “Get her”, she says.

Grimm Cry Havoc 02The Bad

  • Trubel’s return is great, but there is something not right. I think she is hiding something.  Is she working for Agent Chavez?

This is the end of the season but there are still a lot of questions left to be answered.  Is the search for Diana going to continue in the next season? Now that Juliette is gone, are Adalind and Nick going to become closer now that she is carrying his child.  Now that the King is dead, is there going to be power play for the Royal throne between Princess Diana (YEAH I SAID IT!!!!) and Prince Victor?  Will Nick fully recover from this terrible ordeal?  Tune in next season.


Grimm S4E22 ‘Cry Havoc’ Season Finale recap