Wesen of the Week

Schinderdiv– a very aggressive Wesen with fangs protruding from its jaw which pins down and punctures its victims.

Heftingauroch– a bull-like Wesen that are excellent fighter when provoked, but prefer to avoid fighting

As Nick struggles to deal with his temporary loss of powers, he depends on Trubel and Hank to solve a murder that he believes to be Wesen related. Trubel goes undercover as a boxer in a gym that Nick and Hank believes the killer is one of the boxers, more specifically a boxer Clay Pittman. Nick knows he is way over his head because he is powerless, but his police instinct and responsibility kick in overdrive.

GrimmThe Good

– Even though Juliette has strongly suggested that Monore and Rosa Lee to not find a cure for Nick, they went ahead and asks Renard for help. Elizabeth, Renard’s incredibly young and gorgeous mother, offers to help. Monore and Rosa Lee are hesitant at first, but Elizabeth states that only a Hexienbiest can undo a Hexianbiest spell. It is nice to have a Hexianbiest on youe side, don’t you think?

– The Wesen monster story is good. I felt sympathy for the Heftingauroch who is forced to fight. This fighter is a good kid who happens to be a Wesen and exploited by his fight promoter, who also happens to be a Wesen, a Schindergiv.

– Trubel shows her fighting skills but inside and outside the ring.

– While visiting an ophthalmologist after his painful vision, Nick discovers his how his Grimm powers work.
– Chavez is still a mystery to me. What group does she work for? How far will she go to recruit Trubel? Is Trubel temped to go with her?

The Bad

– Nick is keeping Trubel on a very tight leash, maybe too tight. It might snap.

– Adelind escapes Prince Viktor’s dungeon from a mysterious prisoner that was being held as well. It seems to good to be true. Who is this mysterious prisoner?

– While Monore, Rosa Lee, and Elizabeth are mixing a potion to cure Nick, two men in a dark truck watches them while putting on masks. This is not going to end well.

– Nick is still giving Wu the run around, trying to avoid the subject about his involvement with Trubel and his arsenal of weird books and weapons.

GrimmThis episode had a good Wesen monster story. A young Wesen who gets caught up in a dirty, seedy underworld of boxing trying to provide financial freedom for his mother definitely portrays a message that not all Wesens are bad. Nick struggles to handle being powerless while watching Trubel take over his responsibility as Grimm. I hope Monroe, Rosa Lee, and Elizabeth find a cure for Nick quick, I hate seeing him brooding around.