Wesen of the Week:

  • No Wesen identified
  • Golem, a soul-less creature from Hebrew mythology that are summoned to protect the helpless, but unfortunately they are hard to control and get rid of when they are no longer needed.

This week we look at a different kind of monster Nick, Truble, and Hank has to deal with.  Nick and Hank are called to investigate a dead body at the house of a domestic abuse call.  They discover that the body is covered in red mud or clay.  Thinking that this could be a Wesen attack, they call upon Trubel to accompany them to the hospital to see if the domestically abused woman, Sara Fisher is a Wesen.  Luckily, she is not a Wesen. Nick and Hank are in the dark as to who could kill someone with red clay.  Ben Fisher, the brother of the domestic abuse victim, Sara, confesses to the murder of her ex husband, Keith.  He claims he uses a Golum to protect her sister and her son, David.  This episode gives another twist into the world of the Grimm.  Our main characters struggle to restore balance between good and evil.

Grimm Dyin on a Prayer 01The Good

  • The potion to restore Nick’s powers is almost finished with the help of Elizabeth.
  • We get to dive into Hebrew lore of a Golum
  • The wife abuse ex husband Keith and his no good brother, Nate get what they deserve by the Golum.
  • Trubel uses her tough past to help David get through his fear of monsters.
  • David finally stands up to the Golum and defeats it.
  • Captain Renard is back.
  • Monroe and Rosa Lee nuptials created a lot of tension in the Wesen community.  In the start of the episode, two men in masks throw a brick in the spice shop with a German word written on it.  It says Wolfsangel, which means Wolf Trap.
  • Trubel tells Nick about her abduction by Agent Chavez and her invitation to join her group that helps track down Wesen.

The Bad 

  • Wu tells Renard about Nick and his involvement with Trubel. With the captain knowing about Nick’s true identity, is he going to give Wu the run around just like Nick is doing?  Can’t Wu ever get a break?
  • Adelind is still trapped in Prince Viktor’s castle. Will she ever get out?
  • Juliette is the last ingredient in completing the potion to cure Nick. Knowing where she stands with Nick’s problem, it is unclear as to what she is going to do.Grimm - Season 1

I liked this episode.  Trubel shines as a person who helps a child overcome his fear of monsters.  She is really growing on me.  A lot of tension is still in the air after Monroe and Rosa Lee’s wedding.  The organization that kidnapped Trubel can create a huge problem for Nick and the Wesen world.