Wesen of the Week

Grimm Cry Luison 01Luison–  a relative of the Blutbad family, a wolf like creature that is South American in origin.

The gang is going through difficult times right now that need to be address right away.  But in the mean time Nick is doing his best trying to solve a hit and run case that involves a woman who claims to be running from a wolf.  Nick decides to bring Monroe into the investigation, because he believes that Trubel needs some space from being a  Grimm.  Instead he is relieved that Bud needs Trubel help with a bully Wesen kid who is terrorizing a fellow Wesen at school, but actually he needs Trubel to straighten a fellow Wesen threatening to harm Nick.

Grimm - Season 4The Good

  • Elizabeth is finished with the potion that can cure Nick, and restore his Grimm powers; the only thing that needs to be done is for Juliet to recreate the moment when Adelind seduces Nick to strip him of his Grimm powers. In a nutshell, Juliet has to look like Adelind while having sex with him.  Elizabeth believes this is the only way to break the curse.
  • The hit and run driver, Ava Diaz, is in the hospital with a minor head injury. Her husband George tells Nick and Hank about her delusional state for six months.  He needs to give her pills to calm her down and try to tell Ava that there is no monster or wolf chasing her.  Nick and Hank listen to George about Ava seeing things and it reminds them of Wu and how they are doing the same thing to him.  Maybe their seeing the errors of their ways.
  • Juliet is starting to realize that Nick needs to be a Grimm again after a burning symbol of a Wolfsangel is stuck on the ground near her house. She says, “You need to be a Grimm again”.  Nick agrees with her.
  • George Diaz gets D-Bag of the Year when Nick and Hank finds out that he is a Wesen and uses that to manipulate Ave into thinking she is crazy, so he can lock her away to get to her money. Nick uses his brain to find a way to prove George is behind the deception of Ava by placing monster masks at the Diaz, making the police think that George uses a prop mask to scare his wife.
  • Trubel goes off with Bud to try to scare a Wesen into stop making trouble for Nick and the other Wesen. She is becoming more competent and strong when dealing with troubled Wesen.

The Bad

  • The real Adelind is still in Prince’s Castle trying to get free but failing, and somehow ends up back in her old cell. Prince Viktor convinces her that he is her only way out and tells her they have the same agenda; to get her daughter back.
  • Trubel seems to be getting the impression that when Nick gets his power back, do they need her anymore?
  • Is Nick ever going to tell the truth to Wu?
  • Is Trubel finally going to make decision about her leaving Portland and joining Agent Chavez with her merry band of Wesen hunters?
  • The tension within the Wesen community about Monore and Rosa Lee nuptials is getting worse. The Wolfsangel incident is not addressed more in this episode.


A good episode this week, Nick is one step closer to getting his mojo back with one little obstacle to overcome.  Monre’s marriage to Rosa Lee is going to be problem down the road in the Wesen community; it may lead to disastrous results.  Now that Prince Viktor has Adelind under his control, are they heading back to Portland to find her daughter?  The confrontation between Elizabeth and Adelind is something I would love to see.