Wesen of the Week

GrimmPhansigar–  a komodo like creature that uses their long tongues to silence their victims as they are sacrificed by burying them alive to appease their Indian Deity, Kali. They must do this every three years and the victims must be a young couple. The author, who happens to be a Grimm, of the Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling, wrote about encountering these creatures and stopping them.


This is a very strong episode this week where Nick does the deed with Juliette and viola he gets his Grimm powers back.  With Nick regaining his Grimm powers, he is put to the test when an old case of Nick resurfaces.  Everybody is on pins and needles waiting to see if Nick can work his magic.

Grimm Highway of Tears 02The Good

  • With the burning of a wolfangel sign on Monroe and Rosalee’s lawn, Nick is more determined to become a Grimm again and start kicking some butt. It’s good to have the old Nick back.
  • Rosalee tells Nick, Juliette, Hank and Trubel that there is supposedly an ancient blood purity organization that uses the wolfangel symbol to control the wesen community from mixing wesen species. She also believes that some on the wesen council members promote wesen purity and disapproves any mixing of wesen kind.  Hank mentions that it reminds him of the burning crosses back in the day.  This could be a problem for the newlyweds and the Grimm in the near future.
  • Prince Viktor finally broke Adelind and she is singing like a canary about the Resistance, Nick’s mother, Captain Renard’s involvement with Adelind’s baby, and Nick not being a Grimm.
  • Trubel is still being followed by Chavez’s men, but she finally makes a decision that wants nothing to do with her and her wesen hunting organization. Her ways of eluding Chavez’s men is pretty bad ass.  It involves a switchblade, tires, and a bike.  She really knows how to use a switchblade, cool.
  • Trubel gets another unexpected guest, Josh, whose father is a Grimm. A couple of wesen hundjagers are hunting him down and Josh has no where else to go.  So he is hiding in Nick’s house.
  • The phansiger wesen is definitely one of the coolest creatures Nick and Hank have to deal with. These particular wesen remind me of stories of the mountain men in West Virginia where travelers are getting there cars forced off the road and never heard from again.  It appears these phansiger are responsible for the disappearance of travelers on the back roads of Route 406 for about fifteen years.  Evidence is left on the road that Nick and Hank follow to an auto body junkyard where a father and two sons own.
  • Nick gets his full Grimm powers back and beats the crap out of the phansiger wsens saving the most recent victim from being sacrificed.
  • Now that Nick has his powers, Trubel is relieved to hear that. There is a touching moment at Monroe and Rosalee’s house where she got emotional and hugged Nick and Juliette.  I think that being the only Grimm is a little too much right now, and that’s understandable.
  • Nick finds out from Trubel that Josh is hiding at his house and is genuinely concerned that he decided to come to Portland for safety from the Hundjagers.

The Bad

  • There is not enough information about what Elizabeth did to Renard What did she mean that she can only do it just once?  There is not a lot of information about Elizabeth. Even though she helped Nick get his powers back, she is a mystery.  She is determined to see her grand daughter.
  • There are not a lot of negative things I can say about this episode. It is a very good and strong episode this week.

Grimm Highway of Tears 03This episode definitely is filled with action and excitement.  The team is at full strength and they’re going to need it if they want to tackle the wesen community and its blood purity organization.  Is Adelind coming back with Viktor to Portland to find her baby?  What will she think about Nick getting her powers back?  That should be interesting.  Next week’s episode looks like a fun one now that the holidays are near.