Wesen of the Week

Kallikantzaroi-  The pubescent children of the Greek wesen Indole Gentile  parents, where they transform into goblin like creatures with green eyed hairy beasts with yellow teeth and creates havoc during the 12 days of Christmas.

Grimm Christmas 01Nick and Hank have their hands full tracking down trespassers and vandals that have been trashing houses during the week of Christmas.  More information gets revealed about who is behind the terrorizing of Monroe and Rosa Lee, and Trubel gives Nick a surprise announcement.

GrimmThe Good

– Secundum Naturae Ordinem Wesen, is the true identity of the group that has been harassing Monroe and Rosa Lee.  They are a secret society that dates back during the 13th century during the Christian Inquisition where a few wesen used the Inquisition to single out wesen heretics and impure wesen to burn at the stake.

–  Josh who is staying with Nick is anxious to help out.  He asks Trubel if he can join her to find out more about her Grimm world.  It seems like Josh is good for Trubel, it also gives her someone to mentor and look out for.

–  Juliette is getting stomach pains….hint, hint!!!

–  Renard asks Nick about the whereabouts of his mother Kelly Burkhardt and his child.  He tells Nick that his mother Elizabeth is asking about her grand child and that she is determined to find her.  They both agree that it won’t end well if their mother’s find each other, a very powerful Hexenbeist and a strong Grimm is not a good mix.

– As a Grimm, Nick has no problem taking down a wesen.  But this time he needs    to rethink his approach when bringing down the Kallikantzaroi since they are children who can’t control their transformation.  He finds out from one of his            Grimm journals that German candied sweet cakes are the answer……FRUITCAKE!!!! Can you believe it?

-Nick buys a whole food truck filled with fruitcake to lure the Kallikantzaroi to their capture, that’s a lot of fruitcake.

-Trubel makes a tough decision to leave Portland with Josh back to his home.  She believes that Josh needs more guidance and protection to keep the hundjagers from chasing him.  It is really sad to see Trubel leave, but I think she is ready to     be on her own and help others.  It is a sweet and sad goodbye between Nick and her.  I just wished that she would say goodbye to Juliette, I think she would have liked that.

 The Bad

– I will miss Trubel, she is the kind bad ass you need to fight by your side.

– Wu is still out of the loop.

Grimm Christmas 02The gang suffered a loss this week, but I hope Trubel comes back in a guest starring role in the future.  I already miss her.  Is Juliette pregnant, or is she having phantom pregnancy pains from the magical activity last week with Nick?  It seems like the wesen secret council is beginning to stir up trouble for Nick, Monroe, and Rosa lee.  Next week an old urban legend attacks Portland, and Wu is reliving his dark fears.