No Wesen of the week this time.  This episode sprints out the gate with Rosalee calling Nick telling Monroe has been taken by the Wesenrein.  It’s a race against time to find Monore before the Wesenrein make an example of him.  Wu continues to struggle with the hard and ugly truth about Nick and his world, but slowly is coming to grips with it.  Juliette is freaking out her new and scary condition.

Grimm Wesenrein 01The Good

  • Wu is finally brought in the loop of Nick. He actually is becoming a valuable asset to Team Grimm.  He is finding it a lot easier to talk about the strange things he sees.
  • Monroe is kidnapped by the Wesenrein and sees his fate when he sees a burnt corpse impaled on a huge stake.
  • Juliette reluctantly takes in a distraught Rosalee to comfort, but is afraid that her newly transformation of a Hexenbeist will make things worse. She has a horrible dream of accidentally killing Rosalee in a Hexenbeist state.
  • Nick, Hank, Wu, and Renard track down clues as to where the Wesenrein has taken Monroe. They discover that someone on the police force is helping the Wesenrein.
  • The Wesenrein is acting like the KKK. They actually have a Grand Master.
  • Wu and Renard have an awkward moment about his new discovery, it is quite funny.

Grimm Wesenrein 02The Bad

  • I fear something bad is going to happen in the next episode that will change the dynamics of the show, and I’m not going to like it.
  • Victor and Adelind have only one scene in the entire episode and that is when Victor tells Adelind she is going back to Portland with him to find her baby. This scene is fine, but it doesn’t necessarily fit with what it going on right now.
  • I was a little disappointed how the episode ended, but I guess this story is too long for it to air in only one episode.

The midseason premier is good.  The Wesenrein finally show their teeth, and all hell is breaking loose.  Is Juliette’s new condition permanent or temporary?  Everybody is running around trying to find Monroe and stop the Wesenrein from killing him.  Next week should an explosive second part of the midseason opener!