Marvel Legends have been one of my favorite action figure line of all time. The transition to the Infinite line has been a great step for the series, but has also been kind of frustrating for collectors. That’s why I always suggest that you buy a case of the set you want, sometimes you get an extra figure or two, but at least you are guaranteed to get all of the figures. Well, the next series from Hasbro is based on the highly anticipated sci-fi adventure Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel has released some great pics from the upcoming set which you can see in the gallery below. It’s a great mix of the movie characters and a couple from the comics, just like Marvel has been doing all along with the Spider-Man and Captain America series. BUT in order to get that Groot figure, YOU GOTTA GET’EM ALL!!

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Pre-order the full set because from my experience with finding Marvel Legends in stores lately, it’s not so easy. AND you don’t want to miss out on that Groot build-a-figure, do you?! Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1st!