What the HECK is a Rocket Raccoon?!

If you have previously been collecting Marvel Legends then you of course know that Rocket Raccoon has been offered before. Rocket was available as a build-a-figure back in 2013, but some collectors never saw some the of the figures. It became very difficult to find all of the pieces. But now that the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Rocket himself are about to become household names, Marvel and Hasbro are giving you a chance to get your hands on this elusive alien, animal, thing. You also can’t deny that once this movie is a success, Rocket is going to be the most popular with the kids!

Rocket is packed as an individual figure this time around, with his buddy Groot being the BAF of the set. The figure of course is based on his movie appearance, which is vastly different from the version from the funny books. How does Rocket stand up to the rest of the set? Let’s get on with the review!

All of the current Marvel Legends Infinite action figures come in an amazing window box. These figures are some of the easiest to open and remove from their box, and put right back in. All without damaging the box, blister, ANYTHING! I love the artwork on the side of the box that shows off the packaged character, making display and storage both awesome and convenient. The back of the box is simple, but also gives you the list of how to get your hands on the rest of the Groot BAF pieces.

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Rocket looks VERY much like a raccoon, but what else do you expect?! (Just don’t tell him you think so!) Sculpt-wise this figure is pretty amazing looking and the detailing on his fur looks great. They even gave Rocket a little bit of a snarl to show some attitude, and it works really well.

Like I’ve mentioned before, only a couple of these figures come decked out in their “uniforms” from the film, Rocket is not one of them. He is wearing an orange jump suit that reminds me of a X-Wing pilot. Who knows, maybe Hasbro will release a variant of the figure that will have him in his more maroon uniform.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon 02

Paint application is very clean on this figure. The face and tail are the most impressive, as they are his most animalistic features. The texture used on the fur is perfect, which could have been the downfall of the figure if not done correctly. His suit really pops with color, the orange is so dynamic! The detailing of straps, pads, etc. all look perfect and add to the great overall look of the figure.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon 04


Rocket comes with one accessory, his over-sized gun! What else does this space adventurer need?! I do like that the gun has a shoulder pad that helps with display-ease. Rocket’s hands are also sculpted perfectly to hold the blaster, something that is always appreciated when it comes to display.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon 05

So here is where the figure “fails”. I don’t want to say that the lack of articulation ruins this figure, but when you are paying the same price for Rocket as the others, then you have to question Hasbro’s motives. Just like the BAF, this figure has NO lower articulation. Unless of course you count the tail. Here’s what you get:

  • ball-joined head
  • ball-hinged shoulders
  • swivel and hinged elbows, ball-hinged wrists (side-side swivel)
  • swivel waist
  • swivel tail

Though Rocket does stand on his own, sometimes he doesn’t when holding his gun. You have to use his tail a lot when it comes to standing him up, but it can be achieved. I just don’t understand why Hasbro didn’t try to add more movement to the legs. His head is another issue, while it does allow for some motion, it does not give you many options.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon 07

Overall this figure looks great on display, I just wish there were more posing options. When combined with the Groot figure you can stand Rocket on him with little trouble and they look great together. It’s unfortunate that the lack of lower articulation effects my overall score of the figure, especially since it looks spot-on to the character in the film. BUT when you are paying top dollar these days for collectibles, these features are expected. I can think of a certain Imp from another toy line that did a decent job with lower articulation, so there’s no reason it couldn’t be achieved here. Especially when you’re talking about a stand-alone figure.

Don’t expect to find this guy easily at retail, from my hunting experience these figures are a hot commodity. Like I said before, look for Rocket to be a fan-favorite when it comes to the kids so he’ll be the first to go off the shelves. Hopefully Hasbro can keep up with the demand for these action figures!

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon 08

Marvel Legends Infinite Series Rocket Raccoon gets 3.5 outta 5 stars!!

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