I can’t wait for this one! What a surprise team-up of the previous duo on Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy 2008 era!  Head on to ComicVine for the full interview! While I am a fan of the latest incarnation, I wouldn’t mind getting to know the previous generation’s BSG through the creative artisitic minds of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Look for the new series coming from Dynamite Entertainment this May! Head on over to and pre-order or subscribe to it!


battlestar galactica dynamite 1 coverCV: You guys are no stranger to ‘cosmic’ comic books, how did you get involved with BATTTLESTAR GALACTICA?

DnA: We’ve been looking to do a project with Nick [Barucci] for the longest time- ever since we spent a fun weekend locked in Dynamic Forces warehouse back in the year 2000! For one reason or another; mainly due to existing commitments, exclusives contracts and workload, we’ve not been able to turn that wish into a real-life project until last summer, when I spoke with Nick at San Diego Comic-Con and he asked about the possibility of Dan and I working on BSG for Dynamite. Both of us grew up watching the original series and it played an important role in our formative years so we jumped at the chance.

CV: Whose decision was it to go with the classic continuity?

DnA: We initially signed on to do a Galactica 1980 mini that would be a continuation from the continuity Marc Guggenheim created in his previous series for Dynamite. As we spoke and started knocking ideas around it became clear that with this year being the 35th anniversary of the original series airing, and Nick, ever having an eye for a sales pitch, thought it’d be an opportunity missed if we didn’t commemorate that milestone. So we‘ve ended up with the opportunity to do two stories: a classic BSG tale and a continuation of Dynamite’s GALACTICA 1980 series, for us it’s the best of both worlds.


Stay tooned 😛



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