The first trailer just arrived the other day and now the Guardians of the Galaxy marketing onslaught can begin! The highly anticipated sci-fi adventure from Marvel Studios is a step outside their comfort zone, but I think that’s just fine. A lot of people are saying that this will be Marvel’s first flop, I say NAY! Even if it doesn’t make what Iron Man 3 and The Avengers did, who cares!  Marvel is going to make sure that everyone knows who this team is by the time August roles around, be sure of that! This is a film for the fans, and hopefully one that will pick up some new ones along the way. I mean who’s not gonna love an adorable gun-toting raccoon?!  Well now that we have experienced the first step into this new world it’s time to introduce the team. Marvel has released short videos for each member, with the actor who plays the part explaining a little bit about their character. Please enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy blasts its way into theaters on August 1st and is directed by the great James Gunn! Check out the first official poster for the film below! What a bunch of A-holes!