We were told that Heaven Sent was going to happen (LEGIONS CHEERED), then we were told it wasn’t (MASSES CRIED). But sometimes something that is SO GOLDEN cannot die. Guillermo Del Toro, in an interview with IGN, confirmed that this movie is still moving forward, and that it IS happening! Under the new working title, Dark Universe, here is what Del Toro had to say about the project:

The crazy thing about this is that Del Toro claims to have the perfect writer to finish his outline and that WB approved of the film before Avengers was even released!! So what do you think Towelites? Is Del Toro TOO hopeful that this project with work out? Or will we have a masterpiece on the big screen in the next few years? Sound off in the comments!

dark universe swampthing

Stay tooned 😛




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VIA: ComicBook.com