species2The man that brought us the Alien, Species, Dark Seed, and pretty much the term ‘biomechanical’, H.R. Giger has passed away at 74. The surrealist artist suffered a fall on Monday, and later passed. Giger’s work has been influential for the past 40 years. He’s been a part of countless movies, video games, album covers, and even has his own museum in Gruyeres, in central Switzerland.

Giger won an Oscar for his effects in Ridley Scott‘s, Alien, and he continued to be an inspiration to the series all they way up through Prometheus. He also created ‘Giger Bars’, which housed his creations and gave it’s occupants nightmares after a night of heavy drinking.

The artist was a cybernetic visionary and his loss will be greatly missed. Alien serves to be one of our favorite franchises here at DFAT and Giger was the reason they were so fully realized and brought to life.