As you Towelites all know, we’re pretty huge Star Wars fans here at DFAT. Heck, Sunday is completely devoted to the beloved franchise. That’s why it pains me a bit to talk about this first tv spot released for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Leading up to Star Wars Celebration Europe, it seemed that we were going to get an actual trailer. The first bit of footage released was itself, just a teaser. Instead us fans were shown a sizzle reel of behind-the-scenes footage; which is honestly fine because it really was great. Most fans like ourselves figured that they may just be waiting to show the real trailer or the Darth Vader footage shown at SWCE at San Diego Comic. Nope, that didn’t happen either.

Today, for some strange reason, Disney has instead decided to release it’s first tv spot for the film. A tv spot that’s made up ENTIRELY of footage from the first teaser. Nothing even from the sizzle reel is mixed in there. Nothing of Vader. It’s literally just a reshuffling of the first footage shown cut down to thirty seconds. Now, you may be thinking that Disney is saving the actual trailer for the next movie on it’s schedule which is Pete’s Dragon; and that very well may be the case, but then don’t even bother to give us this garbage.

Maybe if you’re a general audience member and have no idea that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out, even though that first teaser was released months ago and is playing in theatres on almost every movie that has come out this Summer. Maybe you’re watching your mediocre Summer programming and this tv spot comes on and you go “oh wow, Star Wars, thanks for reminding me about one of the biggest cinematic events of the entire year Disney.” MAYBE this is happening, though it’s highly unlikely.

It just seems like a slap to the faces of general audience members and us hardcore fans. As my grandmother always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This certainly applies to releasing a tv spot filled with old footage to fans that have been seemingly duped since SWCE. The first teaser was in April, this film comes out in December. Let’s get this hype train going if you want this to succeed.

Anyway, here it is below. As I mentioned, if you’ve seen the previous teaser than you’re getting absolutely nothing new out of this spot below other than a case of frustration.