“We heard it’s your birthday! Well it’s our birthday too!” We here at DFAT are celebrating our One-Month Anniversary and want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone whose helped us along the way! I started this blog because friends said they appreciated my movie reviews and geek tidbits that I would post on FaceBook and Twitter. So, I gots to thinking, “why don’t I just do this LEGIT?” But, I’m not one to do anything just LEGIT, I had to do it like my boy Hammer and get 2 LEGIT! And here we are. I asked CynicNerd to help me as co-editor and comics/toy contributor, and my main-man up north in Canada, “The Ox” to help with the video game side of things.  One month in, and things are going really fantastic! Since I think that no one becomes succesful without its people, I wanted to share some site stats with everyone to show you where we’ve come from with YOUR HELP.

  • Our first day we posted 4 articles and had 33 views.
  • Today we’ve had over 3,400 views and had our busiest day on August 29th, 2012.
  • We have reached 67 countries and 45 States

It might not seem like all that much at now, but we’re pretty proud of how far a couple of geeks have gotten just for their love of pop-culture, comics, movies, toys, and video games.  We hope you continue to come to the site; and feel free to give us input on articles you’d like to see, changes to the site we could use (we’re open to suggestions!!), or just to say Hi.

There’s a lot of things to see out there, and we’d like to share them with you, and if you don’t remember your towel, we have one for ya.