20 years ago Dark Horse Comics released the first issue of Hellboy. It was based on the first appearance of the character which was a four-page, black and white comic by Mike Mignola with a script by John Byrne published by Dark Horse Comics in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (August 19, 1993), distributed at the San Diego Comic-Con.

San-Diego-Comic-Con-Comics-2-1993In a world of superhero comics, how would this beast of a book hold up? Well after his big debut in the 1994’s mini-series, Seed of Destruction, the character has spawned two major motion pictures, starring Ron Perlman and directed by Guillermo del Toro. Hellboy and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army earned more than $99 million worldwide, and this was at the beginning of the comic book movie craze. Everyone of course is hoping that Del Toro will return to the director’s chair and give us a third flick.

Hellboy movieHellboy not only had two live action films but also two animated films, in which the stars of the films provided the voices for. Both Sword of Storms and Blood and Iron were released straight to DVD, but also  a couple of comic mini-series were released that tied into that world as well.


Hellboy animated

The list is way too large to talk about all of the mini-series, off-shoots, and cameos that Big Red had over his twenty year stretch, but if you want a comprehensive list of them head on over here. The character met his end in 2011’s The Fury, but his adventures would continue in 2012/2013’s Hellboy in Hell, an ongoing series.

DN_HellboyInHellMike Mignola has been working on a special hardcover collection of his favorite illustrations and covers, titled “Hellboy: The First Twenty Years”, which will be available to coincide with the celebrations. So happy birthday Hellboy! We here at DFAT eagerly await any news on another film based on you and look forward to your further adventures in the funny books!