In a bit of random casting news, it seems that Harrison Ford will be joining the cast of The Expendables. Ford is on a role with Ender’s Game, Anchorman 2, and his return to Star Wars as Han Solo in Episode VII. I’m excited to see who Ford will be playing, I’m hoping just an old grizzled badass whose half cyborg; but we’ll see.

Also, in Expendables news, Bruce Willis has dropped out of the project. Though, from the tweets from Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter account; he may have been kicked out.


A little shocking that Bruce Willis is “greedy and lazy” but at the same time, I saw Die Hard 5 and that movie was a waste of talent. Regardless, I’m excited to see the new Expendables film, especially with adding Harrison Ford to the cast. As more Expendables 3 news comes in, Stay Tuned to DFAT to hear the latest!