John Carpenter‘s ‘The Thing‘ is hands-down my favorite movie about an alien that comes down to Antartica and starts inhabiting bodies, killing each person until there’s no one left. In fact, the only other movie that I can even think that closely resembles that, is Aliens vs Predator; and that movie vastly pales in comparison. The deciding factor is always, is either Keith David or Kurt Russell in the movie? If one, or in this case, BOTH are in the movie, well then you have a winning combination on your hands.

For some awesome reason a fan of the movie decided to make ‘The Thing‘ toys and market them under Hasbro. It’s very rare that we see a toy company outside of NECA make R-rated toys, so the idea is ridiculous and amazing at the same time.  Plus, the video below plays out like it should be a part of Saturday Morning programming.  Whatever the case, I only wish that these were real and around when I was a kid, or even better, now that I’m 30.

Thanks to BadassDigest for the cheesy goodness.