Season five premier opens up with a bang.  Haven has been woken up to another epic fiasco filled with dangerous journeys, fiendish characters, and a story arc that will keep your imagination extremely satisfied

Last time we saw the Scooby gang, it was in the cave under the lighthouse.  Dave was shot; William gets pushed in the doorway to hell by Audrey, and Jennifer faints while closing the doorway to hell. But not before William unleashes Mara into Audrey’s mind and body. That’s where we left off.  Haven See no evil 01The premier episode opens up with Gloria, the medical examiner, holding her grandchild now orphaned due to the Troubles that plagued her family for years.  Everything was nice and quiet until a huge tremor disturbs the peaceful moment.  A huge energy wave ripples from the lighthouse and spreads towards the town before the lighthouse collapses.  As the episode continues everybody from the cave reappears in different parts of Haven not knowing how they got out of the cave.  However, they speculate the cave pushed them out before sinking under the water.  Nathan, Dwight, Duke, and even Mara set out to find the only person that is missing from the group, Jennifer.  Nathan, Duke, and Dwight must find Jennifer before Mara does.  They believe that if Jennifer knew how to open the doorway again, Mara needs her to reopen it again.  Vince visits Dave in the hospital where he is being treated for the gunshot wound.  The three men go to the hospital as well to see how Dave is doing and  hope that Vince might have some answers about Mara and her intentions.  Vince guesses that since Mara is hundreds of years old, and that Dave had the ability to go through the doorway and back, and then there must be other doorways in Haven that Mara is trying to reach.  Vince is convinced that the old journal which contains all of Havens dark secret past must have the locations of the other doorways.  He gives copies of the map where the doorways are located to Nathan, Dwight, and Duke; there they set out to stop Mara from opening those doors.  Mara was able to find a couple only to find them magically sealed.  Someone must have gotten there to seal the doorways, but Mara doesn’t know who.  Duke thinks that Jennifer is the one sealing the doors.

It wouldn’t be a Haven episode if there wasn’t a Troubled mystery to solve.  People are somehow attacked by something that can sew their mouths, eyes, and ears shut with leather sutures that are impossible to remove.  As the appointed sheriff of Haven, Dwight investigates the mystery.  Haven See no evil 02He went to Gloria, the medical examiner, and asks about the old 1929 cases of four men who were attacked the very same way.  Later he found out that the recent attacks are connected to the 1929 case.  He discovered that all the people were connected to one family, the Barrows.  He went to the Barrows house and confronted the mother, Collette Barrow.  Her great grandmother Constance Barrow created a scandal that involved Duke’s great grandfather and Constance’s cursed Trouble.  Duke’s great grandfather used his Trouble to free Constance of her curse by killing one of her bloodlines to get rid of the Troubles.  It worked but at a high cost, Constance’s life.  Duke realized that he may be cause of the attacks.  He remembered what William said to him back in the cave; that all the work his great grandfather did to get rid of the Troubles, it would be reversed and all the curses would go into Duke.  Earlier that day Duke remembered he was in the vicinity where the first attack began.  He believes he may have given that Trouble to the victim after all.  Duke thinks that Mara may be the key to getting rid of the Troubles once and for all, since she and William were the ones that created them after all.  Dwight was shocked when he heard that.  Duke thought Nathan had already told him, but now he realizes it wasn’t true.

Nathan was at the beach when Mara walked up behind him and hit him from behind.  When he came to, Mara was trying to reopen the door.  Nathan tried to reach Audrey from within Mara, but Mara kept telling him that Audrey is no more.  Nathan refuses to believe that.  Mara was about to the shoot Nathan in the head, but she stopped.  It was as if something inside her told her to stop.  Disgusted by herself, she left Nathan alone at the beach, injured.

This episode was explosive and exciting to watch.  Mara is a wonderful addition to the cast.  Her dark unpredictability will keep the Scooby gang on their toes.  It’s going to be enjoyable to watch them figure out this new villain.  Every season they keep telling us that Audrey is the key to ending the curse that plagues Haven, but I think that this season Audrey/ Mara might actually get the job done.