The Contagion Trouble is continuing to wreak havoc in Haven.  More people are getting sick by the hour, and their Troubles could trigger any time.  It seems like Armageddon has come to Haven.  Nathan is out trying to find who is responsible of the Contagion Trouble.  Dwight is trying to convince Dr. Cross in helping him with the Troubles.  Duke is having doubts about Dwight’s decision to get Dr. Cross involved.

Haven Mortality 01

The Good

  • Even though Haven is in chaos, I liked the excitement. The pace of this episode is fast and unpredictable.
  • We find that Peter, the medical examiner at the hospital is responsible for the Contagion Trouble. It’s ironic that the one person who has assisted in hiding the Troubles all these years from the outside world is one who involuntarily exposes others.
  • Dwight uses his Trouble to make Dr. Cross see that he needs her help to find a cure.
  • Cross may be the key to finding a cure for the Troubles.
  • Vince is out to find out more about Dr. Cross, and the CDC. He finds that she is not in Haven on behalf of the CDC.  What is her agenda?  Who is she?
  • Mara convinces Duke that Dwight and the others are not doing enough to silence Dr. Cross.
  • Audrey is getting sick, and also gets a prediction from a Trouble person of her own death and Mara’s as well.
  • Dwight is becoming a very formidable Guard Leader.
  • Duke is able to cure Peter of his Contagion Trouble, but with an ultimate price.
  • I liked Dr. Cross explanation of what supernatural is.  She said that supernatural phenomenon’s is science we don’t understand.

The Bad

  • Duke is gullible into believing Mara. She made Duke kill Peter to end his Contagious Trouble.
  • Despite her assistance in helping Nathan, Duke, and Dwight, Mara is still a bad person that can’t be trusted.
  • What is Dr. Cross’ agenda?
  • The Guard still doesn’t trust Audrey. They still think Mara is still in Audrey, and they can’t trust her.

Haven Mortality 02

Dr. Cross is starting to create some friction with Duke, Dwight, and Nathan.  Maybe that is her Trouble; paranoia, distrust among men.  Good episode, lots of excitement, and the mystery thicken about our new addition from the outside world.  What’s wrong with Audrey?  What will Vince uncover about Dr.Cross?  Will Duke become Mara’s new sidekick?