The aftermath of the nearly disastrous Contagion Trouble, it created a lot of tension and animosity between the people who are cursed and the one who aren’t. Dr. Cross is still Haven playing Madam Curie trying to find a cure for the Troubles.  The love and loyalty for each other is at a dangerous crossroads for the gang in Haven.  The Trouble of the week definitely puts Audrey in a much more fragile state. Let’s take a look at this week’s episode, Reflections.

Haven Reflections 01The Good

  • Mara’s claws keeps digging deep into Duke’s trust and loyalty with Nathan and the others and tempers the flame of paranoia and distrust for them. It makes good television seeing your favorite character to be put through a test of loyalty and see where they come out.
  • The Trouble this week is a pretty strong case for Audrey and Nathan to crack. Having a Trouble that can change someone else’s body just by looking at the victim and using their insecurities and self worth against themselves is pretty bad ass.
  • I love Gloria’s attitude with the new doctor in town. Gloria is definitely a spitfire and a great cynical comic relief for the show.
  • If it seems too good to be true then it really isn’t comes to mind when dealing Audrey and her miraculous return. I’m kind of relieved that this new Audrey is not perfect, but I don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to die
  • Despite of all her drawbacks, Mara is beginning to grow on me. Her relationship with Duke is a match made in heaven.  This week we get to see Mara help Duke with his Trouble hatchery in his gut.  There is actually a good scene where I see some goodness in Mara, for once.  She is not just a simple bad guy, nor is she a good guy either.  She definitely has a hidden agenda when she keeps asking Duke for the Aether.

The Bad

  • It is frustrating to see Dwight be blinded by puppy love for the new doctor.  I  thought his mission is to protect Haven and to trust the people who have been with you through everything, and not immediately believe someone you just met.  First it is Nathan with Audrey, then Duke with Mara, and now Dwight isn’t immune to power of the women in Haven over the men.  I thought Dwight would be the one who can put aside puppy love and concentrate on the bigger picture.
  • Who is this Dr. Cross? If the CDC didn’t send her, then who did?  And why does she have a file on Audrey dating back to the Spanish Flu?
  • Why does Dr. Cross need more of the Aether?
  • Who stole the Aether from Nathan’s safe? Could it have been Kirk, a Guard who is harassing Dr. Cross in the beginning of the episode?
  • More questions, not enough answers in this episode.
  • Duke is putty in Mara’s hand.  All she needed to do to keep Duke in her control is a romp in the sack.  Why are all men so easily persuaded?  If you hang a piece of steak in front of him, he drools.  Being a man, I find that pretty insulting.  C’mon Duke, use your head and not your…..well you know!!

NUP_163898_0237.jpgAudrey is getting worse and it has to do with her connection with Mara and the aftermath of the Contagion Trouble.  Can Dr. Cross help her and the people of Haven? What is her connection with Audrey when we see Cross holding a file on Audrey and the photos of her dating back to the Spanish Flu.  Will Duke ever come back to the light side of the Force, and not be seduced by Darth Mara?  Sorry getting a little too Jedi there, but you know what I mean.  Next week, we see another WWE wrestler/actor guest star on Haven.  This should be interesting.  It’s a good episode this week.  Even the Trouble of the Week definitely gives us an inside look as to what the people in Haven are thinking after what they went through with the Contagion Trouble, it is wake up call for all of them. It raises the level of paranoia to an all time high.