This is the last episode before the mid season finale, and only a few questions I have are being answered in this episode, but I’ll get to that later.  Tension still runs high between almost everybody about the mysterious Dr. Cross and her hidden agenda.  It’s a race to find a cure for Audrey, and Nathan is her knight in shining armor, well sort of.

Haven Chemistry 01The Good

  • Even though Mara showed a glimmer of goodness last week, it is nice to see her revert back to her lying and devious side. I kind of like her that way, it makes her character more enjoyable to watch.
  • The ever suspicious Vince is back digging into our new doctor’s past, using silly and entertaining ways to get more information on her. He is a bumbling fool, but he is our fool.
  • Duke’s Trouble is getting worse. He can now give Troubles to people simply by killing a Trouble person, collecting their blood, and touching somebody while in a highly emotional state.  This makes Duke highly unstable to be around.  Putting Duke in this mess makes him more interesting to watch.
  • There is no Trouble of the Week to solve. Which makes sense, because I feel like right now they need to concentrate on finding a cure for Audrey.
  • Oh yeah, Mara escaped. Either Duke is getting soft with Mara, or is he really that gullible?  You kind of feel sorry for Duke…..I said kind of.  And another thing, I think Mara gave Duke a STHT (Sexually Transmitted Heightened Trouble) when they were rolling in the sack.
  • What did Mara do to Duke?
  • Audrey looks like death warmed over. I fear the only way to save Audrey is for her merge back into Mara.  But who will we see when that happens, Mara or Audrey?  Maybe both, I don’t know.
  • We finally get to know who Dr. Cross is. She is Audrey’s mother.  But how is that possible?  She looks almost exactly the same age as Audrey.  Even though that mystery is solved, more questions come up.

The Bad

  • I could do without the intimate scene between Dr. Cross and Dwight. I had to mute and fast forward that scene.  Plus they’re in a supply closet, is it possible that someone could walk in wanting bedpans or clean sheets? Wait scratch that, the clean sheets are gone!
  • Having WWE wrestler Christian guest star in this episode is a waste of valuable air time. It is a pointless scene where Dwight meets up with an old Guard member, McHugh (WWE wrestler Christian), and talk about his affections toward Dr. Cross and whether it is okay to fall in love again, despite his failing marriage with his ex-wife.  McHugh advise him to get back on the horse and confess his love for her…duh, we already know that.  Tell us something we don’t know.
  • Where is Dave?
  • We still don’t know what Mara needs the Aether for?

Haven Chemistry 02Duke believes that Mara can Haven, Dwight believes that Dr. Cross can save Haven, and pink unicorns fly out of my butt. The belief in these women is getting a little ridiculous, but it makes good drama.  Nathan is determined to save Audrey when we know she is beyond saving, and the only way to save her is doing something Nathan would never allow.    Thank goodness for Vince and Audrey.  Their straightforward and realistic thinking brings a splash of cold water into everyone’s faces to stay on course and expose Dr. Cross for the fraud she really is, despite the fact Dr. Cross claims to be Audrey’s mother.  I have to stop calling her Dr.Cross, because she stole that identity to enter into Haven under false pretense.  Mara is still out there having the time of her life, relishing the fact that she has Duke where she wants him.  From the look at next week mid season finale, it looks like thing are about to explode in Haven, this should be fun!!