This episode speaks volumes about the future of this season.  It starts off with Mara leaving Nathan on the beach wounded and her going into town looking for Vicki, whose curse can somehow use her drawing to open the doorway to the other dimension.  Unfortunately, Mara killed a Haven resident on the way, just because she wanted the woman’s clothes.  Mara stabbed her in the eye.  I wanted to point that out because I want to give you a clear picture just how bad she really is.  Mara was able to locate Vicki and asked her if she can use her curse to draw a picture of the woods.  Thinking that she is talking to Audrey, she agrees.

Dwight visits Vince in the hospital and confronts him about being left in the dark about Mara and her revealing past with the Troubles.  Vince tries to brush it off, almost to a point of being disrespectful.  Dwight was offended by it, and rightly so.  Vince tries to explain to him that Audrey told him about Mara in confidence and it isn’t personal.  Dwight didn’t believe him.  He then told Vince that Reverend Driscoll’s men found out about the Barrows’ Troubles, and that the Guard needs to protect the Barrows, Vince agrees.

Haven Speak no evil 02Back in the woods with Mara and Vicki, Vicki draws a picture of the trees where “the Thinny” is located.  Mara takes it from her and rips the picture in two. A tear of the atmosphere appears and Mara tries to step into the tear only for it to be closed right away.  Vicki finally realizes that this is not Audrey in front of her, but before Vicki tries to escape, Mara tazors Vicki.  She then takes Vicki’s ID badge to the morgue.

Nathan gets a call from Vicki saying that Mara took her ID badge.  He goes to the morgue to find Gloria hiding in one of those medical slabs.  She asks Nathan what is going on.  She said Audrey came by looking for something, but left not finding it.  She pulled out a vial of that black substance, because she saw it shaking when Audrey came by.  Nathan told her that Audrey is Mara and she was looking for that.At the hospital, Vince tries to get answers from Dave.  Dave tells Vince that one time back in 1983, he was sucked into some sort of green mist, and suddenly ended up on the beach in Haven with severe injuries on his torso and leg.  He then believes that something came out of the cave when Jennifer opened the door.  Dave had the same injuries similar to the ones back in 1983.

Duke called the Coast Guard to do a search for Jennifer near the surrounding area of the beach.  In the meantime Dwight and Duke go the Barrows to see if they are alright.  The house was broken into and the son is seriously injured.  Collette Barrow was knocked down as well.  No Guard was present and that angered Dwight.

At the station, Nathan decides to make a decision so that they can get rid of Mara.  He calls her to make her a deal.  She agrees.

At the hospital, Duke asks the nurse if a person fitting Jennifer’s description came in.  She then proceeded to call the emergency room, when her eyes and mouth were sewn shut.  Scared, Duke steps back and walks away.

Dwight goes to the Barrow’s hospital room and finds Collette with her father by the boy’s bed.  She tells Dwight that her father may be able to help him with the Troubles.  The father says that they had three stuffed monkeys, and that they were somehow alive.  If anybody were to give bad news to the family, their mouths were sewn shut.  He said that if it wasn’t good news, then don’t say anything at all.

A nurse walks in and tells Dwight that they found a woman matching Jennifer’s description body washed up on the beach.  Dwight went down to the coroner to confirm it was her.  Sadly it was.

Haven Speak no evil 01Dwight finds Vince and confronts him at Dave’s room.  He yells at Vince that he is not doing enough to protect the people from the Troubles that he is more concerned with his brother’s health than the Guard, and his attachment to Audrey has clouded his judgment.  Vince leaves and Nathan walks in.  Dwight tells Nathan that Jennifer is dead.  Nathan decides to tell Duke the bad news.  He tells Nathan that the Troubles are triggered by denial, and to be careful.  Nathan meets Duke at the harbor, still waiting for any news.  He then tells Duke that they found Jennifer’s body on the beach.  He gets angry and Nathan’s eyes and mouth get sewn up.  Realizing that he is the one that can stop this, he takes out a silk scarf belonging to her and tosses it out in the ocean.  Nathan recovers immediately.

Nathan meets Mara at the first place where she tried to open the door.  Nathan gives her the vial with the Aether, the black stuff.  Just when she was about to give Nathan a new Trouble, she sees Vicki in the truck drawing.  Mara takes the picture and throws it out.  She then takes her hand and slams it in the door.  Nathan then grabs the picture and knocks her out.

Dwight goes to Dave’s room and confronts Vince again.  This time he has several Guard members and Collette Barrow.  Collette tells Vince that her son may never walk again and Dwight asks him to have the Guard protect him.  She asks him that if that is true.  Ashamed and embarrassed, and realized he made a terrible mistake, Vince says yes.  She slaps him hard.  Dwight makes a difficult decision to force Vince to step down as the leader of the Guard.  Vince gives in.  Nathan calls Dwight and says that he has Mara, Dwight tells him to go to the old cannery.

Nathan waits for the Guard with Mara in the back of his truck, handcuffed.  He reaches down and kisses Mara on the cheek.  Suddenly she wakes, but it is Audrey who surfaces, not Mara.  She tells Nathan that it is her and that Mara is trying to push her out, and don’t give up on her.  Knowing that he will be in hot water with the Guard, he drives Audrey/Mara away.

The storyline is getting much more complex.  Now that Audrey shows up in the last scene, will there be a battle within Audrey/Mara and who will win?  Can Duke get over Jennifer, and can Dwight lead the Guard without Vince.  Tune in next week.  I know I will.